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Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus Guides & Walkthroughs

Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus is a compilation game developed and published by Konami for Sega Saturn, originally released in 1997. It includes two classic shoot 'em up games from the Salamander series, "Salamander" and "Life Force," along with additional content and features. Salamander and Life Force are both side-scrolling shoot 'em up games that were originally released in arcades in the 1980s. Players control a spacecraft and navigate through various levels filled with enemy ships, obstacles, and bosses. The gameplay is fast-paced, and players must use their shooting and dodging skills to survive waves of enemies and defeat challenging bosses.

The Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus compilation includes enhanced versions of both games for Sega Saturn, featuring updated graphics, improved sound, and additional gameplay options. Players can choose from different ships with unique abilities, customize their ship with various power-ups and weapons, and engage in intense battles against hordes of enemy ships and formidable bosses. The game also includes a two-player mode, allowing players to team up with a friend and tackle the challenging levels together in local co-op mode. This adds an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie as players work together to overcome the challenging enemies and obstacles.


Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus Action Replay Codes (Japan)