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Riglord Saga Guides & Walkthroughs

Riglord Saga is a tactical role-playing video game developed by ASCII Corporation for the Sega Saturn. It features a fantasy-themed storyline and turn-based combat. Players control a group of characters as they embark on an epic quest to save the kingdom from an evil force threatening its existence.

The game offers a deep character development system, allowing players to customize and strengthen their characters with different abilities, equipment, and magic. Battles are strategic and require careful planning, with players positioning their characters on a grid-based battlefield and making use of their unique abilities and spells to defeat enemies. Riglord Saga also features a branching narrative with multiple story paths and endings, adding replayability to the game. With its immersive gameplay and engaging story, Riglord Saga is considered a classic title in the Sega Saturn library and a must-play for fans of tactical role-playing games.



Riglord Saga Action Replay Codes (Japan)