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MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat Guides & Walkthroughs

MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat is a popular simulation and action video game released by Activision in 1995. It is the sequel to the original MechWarrior game and is set in the fictional BattleTech universe, where players take on the role of a MechWarrior - a skilled pilot who controls massive humanoid robots called BattleMechs. In MechWarrior 2, players are tasked with piloting their BattleMechs through a variety of missions and combat scenarios, including engaging in intense battles against other BattleMechs, vehicles, and other enemies. The game features a wide range of customizable BattleMechs with different weapons, armor, and performance characteristics, allowing players to strategically choose their loadout based on the mission objectives and terrain.

The gameplay of MechWarrior 2 is a combination of simulation and action, with players managing various aspects of their BattleMech, such as weapons, heat management, and movement, while engaging in real-time combat against enemies. The game also offers a deep storyline, engaging campaign mode, and multiplayer options for competitive battles against other players.

Mech Warrior 2 Action Replay Codes (USA)