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F1 Challenge Guides & Walkthroughs

F1 Challenge is a racing video game based on the Formula One (F1) racing series. It was released for the Sega Saturn console in 1995 by Domark, a British video game developer and publisher, and was published by Sega in Japan. In F1 Challenge, players can choose from a roster of real-world F1 teams and drivers from the 1995 Formula One season, including Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, and more. The game features realistic racing simulation, with authentic tracks and vehicles from the 1995 F1 season, as well as various gameplay modes such as time trial, championship, and multiplayer.

Players can experience the thrill of high-speed racing in F1 Challenge, with realistic driving physics, challenging AI opponents, and detailed graphics for the time. The game offers various customization options, including car setup adjustments, tire choices, and race strategies, allowing players to fine-tune their racing experience. F1 Challenge is a racing game that caters to fans of the Formula One racing series, providing an immersive and authentic racing experience on the Sega Saturn console.


F1 Challenge Action Replay Codes (USA)