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Densya De Go EX Guides & Walkthroughs

Densha de Go! EX is a train simulation video game that was released in 1999 by Taito Corporation, a prominent Japanese video game company known for its arcade games. The game is part of the popular Densha de Go! series, which focuses on realistic train driving experiences. In Densha de Go! EX, players take on the role of a train conductor and must navigate a variety of different train routes, following realistic schedules and adhering to proper train operating procedures.

The game features realistic train physics, controls, and audio, providing an authentic experience for players who are interested in trains and train simulations. Players can choose from various train models and routes, ranging from urban commuter lines to long-distance express trains. The game includes a wide range of challenges, such as maintaining accurate speed, stopping at designated stations, managing passenger loads, and following signal instructions. Players must also be mindful of factors such as weather conditions and track obstacles that can affect train performance and safety.

Densya De Go EX Action Replay Codes (USA)