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Corpse Killer Guides & Walkthroughs

Corpse Killer was released in 1994 for various gaming platforms, including Sega CD, 3DO, and Sega Saturn. It was developed by Digital Pictures, an American video game company known for producing FMV-based games during the 1990s. The game's live-action video sequences were filmed with real actors and feature B-movie style horror elements, including zombies, monsters, and over-the-top action scenes. "Corpse Killer" was well-received for its unique FMV gameplay mechanics and cheesy, campy style, which appealed to fans of horror and B-movie genres. Corpse Killer is an interactive full-motion video (FMV) rail shooter video game. Players take on the role of an elite special forces operative who must battle hordes of zombies on a remote island. The game features live-action video sequences, with players using a light gun or a controller to aim and shoot at enemies on the screen. Players may also interact with the environment and make choices that affect the outcome of the game.



Corpse Killer Action Replay Codes (USA)