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Bulk Slash Guides & Walkthroughs

Bulk Slash is a mecha-themed action-adventure game developed by Hudson Soft for the Sega Saturn console. Players take on the role of a giant humanoid mecha called "Bulk Slash" and embark on a mission to save humanity from an alien invasion. The game features fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay with a mix of on-foot and mecha combat, as well as puzzle-solving and exploration elements.

Players can pilot different mecha with unique abilities and weapons, and engage in intense battles against hordes of enemies and massive bosses. The game also features anime-inspired cutscenes, catchy music, and a variety of environments to explore. Bulk Slash is known for its impressive visuals, challenging gameplay, and unique mecha designs, making it a cult classic among Sega Saturn enthusiasts.



Bulk Slash Action Replay Codes (Japan)