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Bottom of the 9th Guides & Walkthroughs

Bottom of the 9th is a baseball simulation video game that allows players to experience the excitement and strategy of a baseball game. Players can take control of a baseball team, manage lineups, make pitching decisions, and control fielding and batting in an attempt to win games and ultimately become the champion. The game may feature various game modes, including exhibition games, season mode, playoffs, and multiplayer options. Bottom of the 9th was originally released in 1996 by Konami for the arcade, and later for home consoles such as Sega Saturn and PlayStation.

The game was developed and published by Konami, a Japanese video game company known for its wide range of popular games and franchises. Konami has been a prominent player in the video game industry, with a history of developing and publishing games across various genres and platforms. Bottom of the 9th is a baseball game that aims to capture the excitement and intricacies of the sport, providing players with an immersive baseball simulation experience.



Bottom of the 9th Action Replay Codes (USA)