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Battle Stations Guides & Walkthroughs

Battle Stations is a real-time strategy game developed by Electronic Arts Victor for the Sega Saturn console. In this game, players take command of a fleet of naval warships and engage in strategic battles on the high seas. In Battle Stations, players can control various types of ships, including aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, submarines, and more. The game features a wide range of missions and objectives, including naval warfare, air combat, and resource management. Players must strategically position their ships, manage their resources, and issue commands to their fleet in real-time to outmaneuver and defeat enemy forces.

The game offers a variety of gameplay options, including a campaign mode, skirmish mode, and multiplayer mode, allowing players to experience different types of naval battles and challenges. The campaign mode includes a storyline with missions set in different regions of the world, while the skirmish mode allows players to create custom battles with their preferred settings. The multiplayer mode supports two players and allows for head-to-head battles against friends or computer-controlled opponents. With its combination of real-time strategy gameplay, naval warfare, and resource management, Battle Stations offers a unique and challenging experience for players interested in commanding their own fleet of warships in epic battles on the seas.


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