Best Priest Spells - Pillars of Eternity

This guide was created in order to offer a succinct list of all of the Priest spells in Pillars of Eternity that I consider good enough to use. Basically any spell that hits your party as well as enemies or is overall pretty weak is not featured on this page. I also created this guide in an effort to help this class (and other classes) be more accessible for more people. Learning dozens of spells on so many different classes is difficult when you're a new player to the series and that's my reason for these guides.

You won't learn how to master a class on this page, but if you're new and just starting out you'll learn how to play the class well enough to control it during battle effectively.




1st Level Priest Spells

Armor of FaithArmor of Faith (6/10): Increases Damage Reduction (+4) for 42 seconds. I recommend Mastering this ability when you get the chance at level 9. It's a very strong opener when the battle starts.

BlessingBlessing (6/10): Increases Accuracy (+5) and damage (+10%) for 28 seconds. Another very strong opener when battle starts and another good choice for ability to Master.

Holy MeditationHoly Meditation (4/10): Increases Concentration (+30) and Will (+15) for 42 seconds.

Restore Minor EnduranceRestore Minor Endurance (4/10): Small Radius; Heals for (+14). One of your only heals early on, it's not very good but it does heal.



2nd Level Priest Spells

Consecrated GroundConsecrated Ground (8/10): Restores 12.1 Endurance every 1.4 seconds. Lasts 28 seconds. It heals everyone in a radius around you, it's your best heal for early on and the spell you'll want to master from this bracket.

Restore Light EnduranceRestore Light Endurance (5/10): Restores 21.2 Endurance to allies in a small radius of your choosing. This is your main heal along with Consecrated Ground for this bracket.

Holy PowerHoly Power (4/10): +3 Might and +7 Resolve on allies in a small radius around you. Useful if you're with your melee characters and use it on them.



3rd Level Priest Spells

Circle of ProtectionCircle of Protection (7/10): +15 to All Defenses for 14 seconds. It doesn't last very long but is rather useful, I recommend using it on encounters that are exceptionally hard.

Restore Moderate EnduranceRestore Moderate Endurance (6/10): +30 Endurance to allies in a small radius of your choosing.

Pillar of FaithPillar of Faith (7/10): Deals Crush Damage & Knock Down. One of your best damaging abilities.



4th Level Priest Spells

Restore Major EnduranceRestore Major Endurance (7/10): Restores 44.8 Endurance in a small radius of your choosing.

Devotions for the FaithfulDevotions for the Faithful (9/10): Buffs allies and Debuffs enemies. Increases Allies Might +4, Melee Accuracy +20 and Ranged Accuracy +20. Decreases Enemies Might -10, Melee Accuracy -20 and Ranged Accuracy -20. Both the buff and debuff last 42 seconds. Definitely one of your most powerful abilities.

Shining BeaconShining Beacon (6/10): Debuffs enemies with Defenses -10 and 122.7 Burn Damage over 12 seconds. Very useful if you stack burn damage/plan on being a DPS priest.



5th Level Priest Spells

Champion's BoonChampion's Boon (8/10): +10 Might, +10 Perception and +5 Damage Reduction for 42 seconds. This is one of your best buff abilities for a Priest.

Restore Critical EnduranceRestore Critical Endurance (8/10): Restores 69.9 Endurance in a small radius of your choosing.

Revive the FallenRevive the Fallen (8/10): Revives allies in a small radius of your choosing. This is your first Revive spell in the game and it's arguably the better one.

Shields for the FaithfulShields for the Faithful (4/10):+25 Deflection for 42 seconds. Only your characters who use shields will benefit from this which is why I rank it so low.



6th Level Priest Spells

Litany Against Major Afflictions (8/10): Immune to Charmed, Terrified, Stunned, Petrified, Paralyzed, Dominated and Immune to Weakened for 28 seconds. Most of your Litany against abilities have sucked until this point but this one is extremely important since it makes you immune to Stun, Dominate and Paralyzed. All three of these status effects can destroy your party if you have no way of defending against them.

Cleansing FlameCleansing Flame (7/10): Deals burn damage to an enemy, makes their buffs last less time and jumps to other nearby targets. If you plan to do damage as a Priest this ability is a great choice.

Prayer Against TreacheryPrayer Against Treachery (8/10): Immune to Charm and Dominate for 28 seconds. All enemies that Mind Control your group, this spell is the bane of their existence.

Minor IntercessionMinor Intercession (6/10): +31 Endurance heal and reduces the effect of hostile debuffs by -5. It's got a small radius but isn't terrible.

Spark the Souls of the RighteousSpark the Souls of the Righteous (6/10): Gives all allies a Shock shield that hits any enemies near them.



7th Level Priest Spells

ResurrectionResurrection (8/10): This ability is very similar to Revive the Fallen except it works on a single target instead of on a small area.

Minor AvatarMinor Avatar (DPS Priests Only) (6/10 or 8/10): This ability grants a whole bunch of buffs including +20% melee and ranged damage and +8 to most stats for 42 seconds. It basically makes you a total power house for almost a whole minute.



8th Level Priest Spells

Symbol of EothasSymbol of Eothas (8/10): Burn damage to enemies and +20 to All Defenses on allies in the radius. The ground AoE lasts for 28 seconds and ticks every couple of seconds, the aura it puts on you lasts for 4 seconds. This is one of the more useful Level 8 Priest spells.

Watchful GuardianWatchful Guardian (9/10): Revives anyone who becomes unconcious in the radius with about 100 Endurance. It's a very wide radius and is useful on pulls when you have people dying left and right.