Best Druid Spells - Pillars of Eternity

This guide was created in order to offer a succinct list of all of the Druid spells in Pillars of Eternity that I consider good enough to use. Basically any spell that hits your party as well as enemies or is overall pretty weak is not featured on this page. I also created this guide in an effort to help this class (and other classes) be more accessible for more people. Learning dozens of spells on so many different classes is difficult when you're a new player to the series and that's my reason for these guides.

You won't learn how to master a class on this page, but if you're new and just starting out you'll learn how to play the class well enough to control it during battle effectively.





1st Level Druid Spells

Dancing BoltsDancing Bolts (7/10): Hits enemies in an area of effect. This ability does good damage and is also good because it doesn't hit your own party members like most of the other spells.

Nature's MarkNature's Mark (6/10): Debuffs Reflex and Deflection on all enemies in area of effect.



2nd Level Druid Spells

WoodskinWoodskin (6/10): Damage Reduction bonus to Pierce, Slash, Burn and Shock.



3rd Level Druid Spells

Returning StormReturning Storm (9/10): Hits enemies in a very large radius around you with Lightning Damage and stuns them. One of your most powerful DPS spells and one you'll be using the whole game.

Spreading PlagueSpreading Plague (6/10): DoTs the enemies, Hobbles and Weakens and sometimes spreads to other enemies. I use this on boss fights typically, on the boss.

Infestation of MaggotsInfestation of Maggots (4/10): DoT which does more damage the more wounded your target is. Useful on boss fights or packs of very tough enemies.



4th Level Druid Spells

MoonwellMoonwell (9/10): Powerful AoE heal with a wide radius. This ability is your most powerful heal, it has a wide range and heals for a decent amount. Thankfully almost all of the rank 4 spells suck which means all you'll ever be using is Moonwell.



5th Level Druid Spells

Relentless StormRelentless Storm (10/10): Attacks for 11-14 Shock Damage and Stuns targets. This is your most powerful DPS spell and it's better than you may even think. The Relentless Storm will follow around your Druid when you move; you can cast it in one spot then run into a pack of enemies and it will strike all of them surrounding your Druid.

FirebugFirebug (8/10): 35-47 Burn Damage and jumps to 8 targets. I use this ability on enemies that are very far away and out of Relentless Storm range or enemies that have strong defensives to Relentless Storm.

Cleansing WindCleansing Wind (6/10): Heals allies and pushes back enemies. It's somewhat useful if you need to push some enemies out of your group but otherwise I almost never used it.



6th Level Druid Spells

SunlanceSunlance (8/10): 54-68 Pierce Damage; 50% Damage as Burn. Very strong single target ability. It's the only 6th level spell I use.



7th Level Druid Spells

Weather the StormWeather the Storm (6/10): +15 Damage Reduction to Burn, Shock, Freeze and Corrode. A decent buff to use on encounters where you need more Damage Reduction.

Call to the PrimordialsCall to the Primordials (6/10): Summons 2 or 3 Oozes. I use this on some tougher encounters when I need to block enemies from reaching my group or distract an enemy or two with some summoned help. The Oozes themselves do decent damage and are probably the best thing to use your 7th level spell on.

Nature's BountyNature's Bounty (4/10): Replaces everyones quick slot with a buff drink. The buff you get is pretty nice, if you like to use consumables often and have many melee characters in your group you may find this spell more useful.



8th Level Druid Spells

Avenging StormAvenging Storm (7/10): Puts a Shock Damage Shield on yourself, enemies are stunned if they hit you and when you hit them. It basically gives you a Relentless Storm DS and the ability to stun any target you hit. Very nice and probably the best spell in the 8th Level line up.

Fire StagFire Stag (5/10): Creates a Fire Stag that you control like a summoned unit. The Fire Stag can be sent into the enemies and blown up like an Explosive Sheep or used in combat like a regular summoned unit. The best use of this ability is as an opener to combat. Send your Fire Stag in, explode and then rush the enemies with your group.

TornadoTornado (4/10): This works similarly to the Tidal Wave ability you got earlier. It hits both enemies and your party members so I seldom used it.