Tartarus Floor Information & Bonuses

There's quite a bit of useful information I can share about Tartarus that you may not know, that's what this page is for! To get started let's take a look at the two different types of goodies you can find while exploring Tartarus! The regular chests and rare chests. You may have bumped into them already but if not, now you know what you'll be looking for!

Common Chest
Common Chest

Rare Chest
Rare Chest

As you can see the rare chest stands out way more than the common one, it'll look exactly the same on the mini map though.

Once you out level the shadows on the floor you're on in Persona 3 they will appear distressed and try to flee from you. You won't be able to engage the shadows any more at this point unless you attack them first. Once this happens you'll want to take full advantage of it by pressing Square and bringing up the menu in the picture below.

Persona 3 Party Commands

Once you've got this screen up select "Split Up" to send your party off exploring or hunting for shadows, depending on which you ask them to do. For the purposes of this guide, we're only going to be talking about telling them to explore. Once you tell them to split up and explore the area they'll run around collecting items and searching for the stairs/access point. Once they've explored everything and collected all the items you want them to, advance to the next floor, leave the dungeon or tell them to regroup to collect your loot.

I highly recommend you make great use of this feature. Once shadows become distressed to you always tell your team to Split Up then wait by the stairs. If you're playing on an emulator use the turbo button to speed things up. They'll run around the whole floor, grab all the items for you then give them to you when all your have to do is wait by the stairs.

Rare Shadow

Sometimes when exploring Tartarus you'll find a floor with nothing but rare shadows on it too! It's actually not all that rare for it to happen, I'd say more uncommon than anything. I didn't give you this tip on my last page but it's something you'll want to keep in mind for rare shadows. In order to engage a rare shadow you'll need to either sneak up on it or predict the route it'll follow once it starts running from you.

The easiest way is to sneak up on them because if you try to predict their route or corner them they'll usually just disappear earlier. On the first block of Tartarus the rare shadows drop an item you can vendor for a decent price. Later on in Tartarus' other blocks the shadows drop items which you'll be using at the shop in the Paulownia Mall to fuse Personas into Weapons.



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