Persona 3 FES Request 87

Persona 3 FES Request 87

This is the first of 5 requests in Persona 3 FES that require you to find a rare sword in Tartarus. Each of these requests (87 - 91) will have you find a rare 2h sword which is located in a rare chests in that block. After you accept this request it'll also increase the drop rate or rather your chance of finding the Katana you're after from rare chests.

There is also a second way for you to obtain this weapon and that's through a random card shuffle in the next block. This is arguably the easier way to obtain the weapon too. What this means is for the Juzumaru in particular you'll be able to get it from after battle card shuffles in the second block, Arqa.

Another great tip that will assist you in obtaining this Katana (if you'd like to go the traditional route and farm rare chests) is to tell your entire team to "Split Up" and you park your character on the stairs leading to the next floor. The reason for this is The Reaper won't be able to get you here and you'll be able to safely travel to the next floor after your team finishes gathering all the loot on the floor you're on.


Juzumaru 2h Sword for request








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