Persona 3 Request 55

For this Request you will need to have Monad Depths unlocked which you can do by completing Request 53 or by playing in New Game +. This dungeon will be unlocked by default during New Game +. Monad Depths has a tough set of mobs and 10 gigantic floors. I highly recommend you get level 99 before you even think of attempting this request.

Once you reach level 99 what you'll want to do is come in here alone (since you need to fight this opponent alone) and dodge/run from all of the mobs you come into contact with until you make your way to the 10th floor. If you are playing on an Emulator I strongly recommend you use your save states for this fight!

Here you will find Elizabeth, yes - that Elizabeth. This is an extremely hard boss fight that is going to take a lot of preplanning and a few really good Personas to beat.


Elizabeth Boss Fight


I wiped to Elizabeth many oh times until finally caving and using a Strategy to beat her. Her most annoying move is Megidolaon which is only used if you do any of the following things...

Megidolaon is only used if...

1. Your current equipped Persona has more than 1 Null/Repel/Absorb. Only resistances are allowed
2. Your Persona has only 1 Null/Repel/Absorb and it is used to counter her attack
3. You use Armageddon before she is below 9999 HP.
4. Using any Accessory that nulls one or more element.

If you break any of these rules so to speak she'll use Diarahan and then counter with Megidolaon. After the 9th turn in the fight Elizabeth will use Megidolaon which you'll need to use the ability Infinity to counter it. Or find some other creative way to survive it.

Before this fight it's recommended you fuse the max level Empress Persona with a heart item. Alitat is the name of the Persona and the item you're after is called Divine Pillar. You could also get Orpheus Telos if you have Persona 3 FES which is strong to all elements but not resistant which makes it perfect for this fight.

You should also fuse a high level Chariot Persona onto a weapon for High Counter.

I recommend you bring at least two or three Personas that have one of the top tier spells (Ragnarok, Thunder Reign, Niflheim, Panta Rhei) and you'll want the respective Amp/Boost for the ability too.

Also you'll want the following abilities on your Persona as well:

Unshaken Will
High Counter
Null Poison
Enduring Soul

Come prepared and if you are playing on an emulator use save states! That's the best advice I can give.






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