Persona 3 Request 51

Persona 3 Request 51

For this Request you will need to create Lilith with Mabufudyne via fusion. If you don't have any of the Personas in the picture below than I recommend experimenting with different fusions or if this website is still up, use the Persona 3 Fusion Calculator.

It's important to note too that this is another Fusion quest that's going to require a unique sub fusion to pass on one of its skills. Think of it kind of like evolution and passing on a gene; one of the Personas you're fusing to make Lilith needs to have Mabufudyne.

Lilith Fusion

           When you choose which Personas you would like to fuse together and it is showing you the result you'll get, the skills in green are the ones you'll be getting along with this Persona. A little tip for this part is if the skills you want to have aren't in the list - don't fuse it at all and back all the way out of the fusion process. Not so far that you leave the Velvet Room; but enough to return to where Igor list the options.

Choose "Fuse Personas" again and select the same cards to combine. You'll notice they now have different skills in green listed. It's all randomly generated the second you enter the fusion process so keep exiting/entering until you get the skills you want.

To get Mabufudyne with Lilith you'll need to fuse a Succubus with the ability (other methods are possible but this is the one I used). The easiest way to do this is to level Gabriel to 71 so he learns Mabufudyne then you'll want to fuse Gabriel with Ara Mitama to get Succubus with Mabufudyne (as seen in the picture below).

Succubus with Mabufudyne

The next thing you'll have to do of course is fuse them all together into Lilith. As aforementioned if Lilith doesn't have the abilities you want when you go to fuse her just back out of the fusion then come back in and she'll have a total new set of abilities. It may take awhile but don't lose hope; as long as one of the Personas in the cross fusion has Mabufudyne Lilith will be able to learn it on a successful fusion.

Lilith with Mabufudyne






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