Persona 3 Request 36

Persona 3 Request 36

For this Request you will need to create Black Frost via fusion. The method I used in the picture below isn't the only one available to you. What I recommend is experimenting with different fusions or if this website is still up, use this Persona 3 Fusion Calculator.

Black Frost Fusion

           When you choose which Personas you would like to fuse together and it is showing you the result you'll get, the skills in green are the ones you'll be getting along with this Persona. A little tip for this part is if the skills you want to have aren't in the list - don't fuse it at all and back all the way out of the fusion process. Not so far that you leave the Velvet Room; but enough to return to where Igor list the options.

Choose "Fuse Personas" again and select the same cards to combine. You'll notice they now have different skills in green listed. It's all randomly generated the second you enter the fusion process so keep exiting/entering until you get the skills you want.

Black Frost Persona





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