Persona 3 Request 12

Persona 3 Request 12

For this Request you will need to head to the antique shop inside the Paulownia Mall after it opens on 6/09. Select the "Trade for Item" option at this shop and scroll down to the bottom. You'll be able to trade two Turquoise for the Goggle-eyed Doll. You can find Turquoise as drops off specific shadows in Tartarus.

Here is a list of all the shadows that drop Turquoise. They are sorted by Tartarus block.

Arqa - Bronze Dice, Dark Eagle, Steel Gigas

Yabbashah - Golden Beetle, Mach Wheel, Wild Drive

Tziah - Constancy Relic, Regal Mother

Harabah - Power Castle, Prime Magus

Take a look at all the other items this vendor has too, you may want to invest in a few of the "gift" items Teddy Bear, Kaleidoscope and things like that to give gifts to future Social Links. Yukari loves the Teddy Bear from this store and she is who you need to befriend for the Lovers Social Link.



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