The Abyss of Time Boss Guide (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my Persona FES The Answer walkthrough. The first part covers Malebolge, Cocytus, Caina and Antenora. The second part of my guide starts on the dungeon of Ptolomea and will continue on until the end of the game. If you have any questions about any of the bosses please leave a comment in the section below.

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Ptolomea Bosses

Ptolomea Boss 1

Wondrous Magus - Weak against Fire (Agi) // He absorbs/reflects most other magic & focuses on debuffing

Crying Table - Weak against Ice (Bufu) // Doesn't absorb Lightning or Wind

Cowardly Maya - Weak against Fire (Agi) // Doesn't absorb Lightning or Wind

It seems to be a pattern that they're throwing triplets of random resist mobs at us now! As you may remember my strategy for each previous pack was to find a neutral magic they don't absorb or block that you can damage them with. Avoid their weaknesses as they tend to dodge that element way too much.


**Spend some time leveling Metis either now or within the spread of a dungeon or two. You will be put into a situation later in the game where you only have control of Aigis and Metis and you'll be tasked with facing difficult opponents**


*Boss 2*

Ptolomea Boss 2

Neo Minotaur - uses Garudyne (AoE wind) and Akasha Arts (AoE Melee)

This guy was actually a total cakewalk for me. I had a Persona with mostly healing powers and I just cast Mediarama each round as my team mates beat him down. He spammed Garudyne each turn until the very end when he started to use Akasha Arts. I used Akihiko, Mitsuru and Ken when I took him down.


Judecca Bosses

Judecca Boss 1

Slaughter Drive x2 - Weak to Lightning (Zio) // Throws up Spell Reflect

Spastic Turret - Weak to Ice (Bufu) // Primarily uses Maragidyne

For these guys I used Akihiko, Mitsuru and Ken like usual and I had Akihiko and Mitsuru go all out as I helped Ken heal the team. From my experience melee damage was best to use against these guys. The Slaughter Drives dodges almost all your Zio attacks and they throw up spell reflect like every single damn turn anyway. I let Akihiko gamble with Zio/punches while I primarily dealt constant damage/threw out spot heals where needed.

Defeat 1 Slaughter Drive then the Spastic Turret; finally defeating the last Slaughter Drive. The reason for this order is the Spastic Turret summons 1 Slaughter Drive when there are none left alive.


Judecca Boss 2

<Apparently I missed the picture for this boss, sorry!>

Conceited Maya - Use magic attacks on him

Jotun of Blood - Use physical attacks on them

This fight will just start out with you vs the Conceited Maya. You'll want to go bonkers on him and bring his HP down as much as humanly possible before he summons two Jotuns of Blood to aid him. Primarily use magical attacks on him and once the Jotuns are summoned you'll want to wail away on them with physical attacks.


Empyrean Bosses

Persona 3 The Answer Empyrean First Boss

Rebellious Cyclops - Uses powerful melee AoE abilities // Can be hit with most attacks

Acheron Seeker - Weak to Fire (Agi) and Lightning (Zio) // Uses powerful AoE Wind/Fire spells

These guys are a bit of a pain in the rear, the Acheron Seekers like to hit you with Wind and Fire and the Rebellious Cyclops hits you with a whole bunch of physical attacks. If all 3 of them AoE in a row the chance of death is extremely high. I used Akihiko as my primary DPS, Yukari as support as well as Mitsuru. Yukari won't get knocked down but Mitsuru will sometimes and Akihiko is great for knocking out the Acheron Seekers with Zio. I used the Thor Persona and helped Akihiko.


**If you haven't been leveling up Metis you'll want to do so now. You'll be put into a scenario later where you only get Aigis and Metis and you'll want to make sure Metis can take a hit and dish out a hit before you're put into that scenario**


Empyrean Boss 2

Persona 3 The Answer Empyrean Second Boss

Tenjin Musha - Casts Reflect/mostly the supportive one // No weaknesses

Kaiden Musha - Blocks Physical attacks // No weaknesses

Onnen Musha - Absorbs Magic // No weaknesses

For these guys what I did is scanned each one so my party knew their strengths/weaknesses. After which I focused entirely on support/healing my team as they whittled down each of the enemies. A great tip for this fight and any other fights like it, Attack Mirror is a great means for countering Vorpal Blade and any AoE melee strikes. These guys were actually pretty easy in my opinion in comparison to the last boss.


Empyrean Boss 3

Persona 3 The Answer Empyrean Final Boss

Best advice I can give really is keep an eye on which Persona he switches to and what he casts on you and you can predict what NOT to use. You can also predict what to use if you guess the typical weaknesses throughout the game.


The battle amongst friends

For this part you'll have to face off against all of your team mates, just like you saw in the opening cutscene for "The Answer". This is the part you'll only be able to use Metis and Aigis and you'll want to make sure Metis is leveled or this part will be impossible. You can die from an unlucky chain of crits during these fights even if you out level your team so you better be on your A-game.

Honestly the best advice I can give is use save states throughout the entire fight incase something goes wrong. That's what I ended up doing. If you aren't playing on an emulator of some kind and can't use save states, the upside is at least you can save between battles!

A tip if you're having a lot of trouble during this part (I did since my Metis was level 30) is unequip your characters before you fight the last boss in Empyrean. This will make them weaker when you go around to fight them here. At least it seemed so for me.



Erebus Final Boss

Persona 3 The Answer Erebus

Erebus has no strengths except for Light and Darkness abilities. He can be hit with all magic and all physical attacks. He mostly attacks you and your team with powerful magic attacks both single target and AoE. He also performs an attack during this fight called Dark Embrace. This attack will summon a large red eye and while this large eye is active you'll want to wail on Erebus with all you got.

If you're successful with beating up Erebus enough the attack will fail and he'll be weakened for a whole round after the attack fails, during which your attacks will do more damage. As you could have already guessed Erebus is the final boss of the game. After you beat him enjoy the finale!


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