Dark Cloud 2 Photography Guides

A major part of Dark Cloud 2 or Dark Chronicle is their new photography system. You get a fairly detailed intro to the system when you begin the game so I will refrain from teaching you it again here. There's plenty of other guides on the internet that do that. The primary thing I want to bring to your attention early on is there are missable photographs in Dark Cloud 2. Almost every boss fight there is a special moment you must capture that if you miss it - you can't go back and recapture it.

There is also a way for you to transfer photographs across saves and you can find that feature within the inventions menu. On the same screen that you save and discard photographs you'll see an icon off to the side called Album, a photo of it is below.

Using this you can save photographs and then load them on different save files. That way incase you miss any important pictures you can just create a new game and grab them - uploading them to your main save. With this in mind I highly recommend you create a seperate save file before Chapter 7. I can't say anymore otherwise it'll spoil it - just trust me!!

I have also made a guide that details each photo you can miss and gives you information about how to capture that photo during the fight. This is arguably the most important photography guide I have for the game. This guide can be found below.

Dark Cloud 2 Missable Photos **Very Important**

Dark Cloud 2 Scoops

Dark Cloud 2 Inventions

Those are all the indepth guides I have covering photography in Dark Cloud 2! There's one additional bonus to taking photos of everything and collecting a bunch of scoops as well and that's the photography rewards Donny gives you. Donny will give you a prize each time you raise your photography skill level. Each photography level requires 100 points to move up to the next one. A Scoop is worth a total of 5 points and each idea is worth 2 points.

There's a total of 750 total points you can collect in Dark Cloud 2 which means you can miss 'some' photographs and still collect all the prizes. Here's a list of all the different prizes you can collect by speaking with Donney each time your photography goes up a level.

Photography Level 2: Diamond

Photography Level 3: Explorer Cap

Photography Level 4: Steal Coin

Photography Level 5: Explorer Boots

Photography Level 6: Explorer Outfit

Photography Level 7: Moon Badge

Photography Level 8: Sun Badge

The last two prizes are the most important ones, obviously. The Moon badge lets you stay transformed as a Monster longer and the Sun Badge raises all of your Monster's attack and defensive powers. As you may have been able to guess most of the other rewards you get are clothing for Max. I personally didn't care much for the graphic of any of the clothing pieces either.