Dark Cloud 2 Medals Rewards

In order to redeem your Medals for rewards you'll need to recruit Mayor Need to your party. You can find Mayor Need inside his home in Palm Brinks. It's located in the first part of town (not across the bridge) by where the circus was set up at the start of the game. Mayor Need will ask you to help him break into his own safe before joining your party.

Combination for his safe is 1221

After you get him to join your party just head to the train and speak with him to exchange your Medals. Before I give you a list of all the rewards I would like to advise that you never spend any Medals on the footwear available. Max can invent and craft all of the footwear and there isn't enough Medals to buy everything. This means buying the footwear is a total waste of Medals.

That's all - without further ado the list of rewards you can turn in your medals for can be found below!


Clown Suit 55

Clown Hat 40

Clown Shoes 40


Princess Dress 60

Panther Ensemble 65

Princess Orb 40

Kitty Bell 45

Princess Boots 40

Panther Boots 50


Name Change Ticket 40


The first three items listed are for Max, the following 6 items are all for Monica. The sexier the outfit and more skin it shows the more Medals it costs! And the final and most special reward that we're going to go into detail about, the Name Change Ticket. This bad boy lets you change the name of any weapon you currently have. You may be asking "Ok, well what's the point of that?" Let me tell you!

Name Change Dark Cloud 2

When you change the name of one of your current weapons into another weapon (that is already in the game) it will turn your weapon into that one. This means you can turn even the ratty old Spheda stick into an ultimate weapon! The one thing you must be absolutely sure of though is you name the weapon EXACTLY as it is in the game.

Island King Name Change

Above is an example of this being done. I am turning one of Monica's basic weapons into her best weapon, Island King. As you can see the above name is typed exactly as it appears in the game itself. I will give you a list of all the weapons and their names further down this page as the internet has a few inaccuracies in their spelling.

If you input the name as it appears ingame you'll be rewarded the item, as seen in the picture below. All items you acquire through this method will have brackets around their names. This doesn't really change anything about the item but it is a noteable difference. Also - all items you change the name to will start with their base stats. This means you should *only* do this on crappy weapons you haven't worked on at all.

Dark Cloud 2 Island King

That's all there is to changing an items name in Dark Cloud 2! As promised here's a list of some of the weapons you may be interested in changing your item to!

Max's Ultimate Melee Weapons

Grade Zero (Max's Ultimate Wrench Weapon built up from a Sigma Breaker)

LEGEND (Max's Ultimate Hammer Weapon built up from a Heavy Hammer)

Big Bucks Hammer (An ultimate weapon with the "wealth" quality)

Albatross (The 'ultimate' Spheda club)

Max's Ultimate Ranged Weapons

Supernova (Max's Ultimate Lazer gun built up from a Steal Gun)

Last Resort (Max's Ultimate basic gun built up from a Desperado)

Sigma Bazooka (Max's Ultimate Grenade Launcher gun built up from a Twin Buster)

Monica's Ultimate Melee Weapons

Island King (Monica's highest tier weapon)

Chronicle 2 (Comes with the Crit bonus quality)

Atlamillia Sword


Dark Cloud

Monica's Ultimate Ranged Weapons

Love (Comes with Heal bonus quality)

Five-Star Amulet

And finally I am including a picture of Monica in her Panther Ensemble. I figure some of you out there are curious about what it looks like and if it warrants 65 medals. I personally went with the Princess Costume instead as the Panther Ensemble just felt too pervy to me. To each their own though!

Monica Panther EnsembleMonica Princess Dress

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