Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist of the Roses - Have All Cards Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the Gameshark cheat codes I have for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist of the Roses (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend heading over to my Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist of the Roses CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U) and searching for your code there instead!


Have All Dragon Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490926D 34B463CC
0490936D 34B463FC
04D0B06D 3434715C
04D0B16D 343471EC
04D0B36D 34B4714C
0490B26D 3434717C
0490B36D 343471DC
0490B06D 34B4716C
0490B16D 34B471CC
04D0906D 343471FC
04D0926D 34B4715C
04D0936D 34B471EC
0490906D 3434714C
0490916D 3434717C
0490906D 34B471DC
04D0B26D 3434736C
04D0B36D 343473CC
04D0B26D 34B473FC
04D0B16D 34B4735C
0490B06D 343473EC
0490B26D 34B4734C
0490B36D 34B4737C
04D0926D 343473DC
04D0916D 3434736C
04D0906D 34B473CC
04D0916D 34B473FC
0490936D 3434735C
0490926D 34B473EC
0490916D 34B4734C
04D0342D 3434653C
04D0352D 3434659C
04D0372D 34B4652C
0490362D 3434658C
0490372D 343465BC
0490342D 34B4651C


Have All Dinosaur Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0366D 343471FC
04D0356D 3434715C
04D0346D 34B471EC
0490366D 3434714C
0490376D 3434717C
0490366D 34B471DC
0490356D 34B4716C
04D0146D 343471CC
04D0156D 343471FC
04D0176D 34B4715C
0490166D 343471EC
0490156D 3434714C
0490146D 34B4717C


Have All Beast- Warrior Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490372D 343463CC
0490362D 34B463FC
0490352D 34B4635C
04D0142D 343463EC
04D0162D 34B4634C
04D0172D 34B4637C
0490162D 343463DC
0490152D 3434636C
0490142D 34B463CC
0490152D 34B463FC
04D0372D 3434715C
04D0362D 34B471EC
04D0352D 34B4714C
0490342D 3434717C
0490352D 343471DC
0490372D 34B4716C


Have All Beast Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0162D 343471CC
04D0172D 343471FC
04D0142D 34B4715C
04D0152D 34B471EC
0490172D 3434714C
0490162D 34B4717C
0490172D 34B471DC
04D0342D 3434736C
04D0352D 343473CC
04D0342D 34B473FC
0490362D 3434735C
0490372D 343473EC
0490342D 34B4734C
0490352D 34B4737C
04D0142D 343473DC
04D0162D 34B4736C
04D0172D 34B473CC
0490162D 343473FC
0490152D 3434735C
0490142D 34B473EC
04D0366D 3434650C
04D0376D 3434653C
04D0366D 34B4659C
04D0356D 34B4652C
0490346D 3434658C
0490356D 343465BC
0490376D 34B4651C
04D0166D 343465AC
04D0156D 3434650C
04D0146D 34B4653C
04D0156D 34B4659C
0490176D 3434652C
0490166D 34B4658C
0490176D 34B465BC
04D0346D 3434671C
04D0356D 343467AC
04D0376D 34B4670C
0490366D 3434673C
0490376D 3434679C
0490346D 34B4672C
0490356D 34B4678C
04D0146D 343467BC
04D0166D 34B4671C
04D0176D 34B467AC


Have All Aqua Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0132D 3434754C
04D0122D 34B4757C
04D0132D 34B475DC
0490102D 3434756C
0490112D 343475CC
0490102D 34B475FC
04D0322D 3434775C
04D0332D 343477EC
04D0302D 34B4774C
04D0312D 34B4777C
0490302D 343477DC
0490322D 34B4776C
0490332D 34B477CC
04D0122D 343477FC
04D0112D 3434775C
04D0102D 34B477EC
0490122D 3434774C
0490132D 3434777C
0490122D 34B477DC
0490112D 34B4776C
04D0302D 3434618C
04D0312D 343461BC
04D0332D 34B4611C
0490322D 343461AC
0490312D 3434610C
0490302D 34B4613C
0490312D 34B4619C
04D0132D 3434612C
04D0122D 34B4618C
04D0132D 34B461BC
0490102D 3434611C
0490112D 343461AC
0490132D 34B4610C
04D0322D 3434633C
04D0332D 3434639C
04D0302D 34B4632C
04D0312D 34B4638C
0490302D 343463BC
0490322D 34B4631C
0490332D 34B463AC
04D0102D 3434630C
04D0112D 3434633C
04D0102D 34B4639C
0490122D 3434632C
0490132D 3434638C
0490122D 34B463BC
0490112D 34B4631C
04D0302D 343471AC
04D0322D 34B4710C
04D0332D 34B4713C
0490322D 3434719C
0490312D 3434712C
0490302D 34B4718C
0490312D 34B471BC
04D0132D 3434711C
04D0122D 34B471AC
04D0112D 34B4710C
0490102D 3434713C
0490112D 3434719C
0490132D 34B4712C
04D0322D 3434738C
04D0332D 343473BC
04D0302D 34B4731C
04D0312D 34B473AC
0490332D 3434730C


Have All Fairy Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0376D 34B4638C
0490366D 343463BC
0490356D 3434631C
0490346D 34B463AC
04D0166D 3434630C
04D0176D 3434633C
04D0166D 34B4639C
04D0156D 34B4632C
0490146D 3434638C
0490156D 343463BC
0490176D 34B4631C
04D0366D 343471AC
04D0356D 3434710C
04D0346D 34B4713C
04D0356D 34B4719C
0490376D 3434712C
0490366D 34B4718C
0490376D 34B471BC
04D0146D 3434711C
04D0156D 343471AC
04D0176D 34B4710C
0490166D 3434713C
0490176D 3434719C
0490146D 34B4712C
0490156D 34B4718C
04D0346D 343473BC
04D0366D 34B4731C


Have All Fish Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490176D 34B473EC
04D0302D 3434650C
04D0312D 3434653C
04D0302D 34B4659C
0490322D 3434652C
0490332D 3434658C
0490322D 34B465BC
0490312D 34B4651C
04D0102D 343465AC
04D0122D 34B4650C
04D0132D 34B4653C
0490122D 3434659C
0490112D 3434652C
0490102D 34B4658C
0490112D 34B465BC
04D0332D 3434671C
04D0322D 34B467AC


Have All Immortal Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490132D 343473FC
0490102D 34B4735C
0490112D 34B473EC
04D0336D 3434650C
04D0326D 34B4653C
04D0336D 34B4659C
0490306D 3434652C
0490316D 3434658C
0490306D 34B465BC
04D0126D 3434651C


Have All Insect Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0376D 34B473AC
0490346D 3434730C
0490356D 3434733C
0490346D 34B4739C
04D0166D 3434732C
04D0176D 3434738C
04D0166D 34B473BC
04D0156D 34B4731C
0490146D 343473AC
0490166D 34B4730C
0490176D 34B4733C
04D0366D 343461DC
04D0356D 3434616C
04D0346D 34B461CC
04D0356D 34B461FC
0490376D 3434615C
0490366D 34B461EC
0490356D 34B4614C
04D0146D 3434617C
04D0156D 343461DC
04D0176D 34B4616C
0490166D 343461CC
0490176D 343461FC
0490146D 34B4615C
0490156D 34B461EC
04D0376D 3434634C
04D0366D 34B4637C
04D0376D 34B463DC
0490346D 3434636C
0490356D 343463CC
0490346D 34B463FC
04D0166D 3434635C
04D0176D 343463EC
04D0146D 34B4634C
04D0156D 34B4637C
0490146D 343463DC
0490166D 34B4636C
0490176D 34B463CC


Have All Machine Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0132D 343467BC
04D0102D 34B4671C
04D0112D 34B467AC
0490132D 3434670C
0490122D 34B4673C
0490132D 34B4679C
04D0302D 3434752C
04D0312D 3434758C
04D0302D 34B475BC
0490322D 3434751C
0490332D 343475AC
0490302D 34B4750C
0490312D 34B4753C
04D0102D 3434759C
04D0122D 34B4752C
04D0132D 34B4758C
0490122D 343475BC
0490112D 3434751C
0490102D 34B475AC
04D0322D 3434770C
04D0332D 3434773C
04D0322D 34B4779C
04D0312D 34B4772C
0490302D 3434778C
0490312D 343477BC
0490332D 34B4771C
04D0122D 343477AC
04D0112D 3434770C
04D0102D 34B4773C
04D0112D 34B4779C
0490132D 3434772C
0490122D 34B4778C
0490132D 34B477BC
04D0302D 3434655C
04D0312D 343465EC
04D0332D 34B4654C
0490322D 3434657C
0490332D 343465DC
0490302D 34B4656C
0490312D 34B465CC
04D0102D 343465FC
04D0122D 34B4655C
04D0132D 34B465EC
0490102D 3434654C
0490112D 3434657C
0490102D 34B465DC
04D0322D 3434676C
04D0332D 343467CC
04D0322D 34B467FC
04D0312D 34B4675C
0490302D 343467EC
0490322D 34B4674C


Have All Magic (Power Ups) Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0136D 34B467CC
0490126D 343467FC
0490116D 3434675C
0490106D 34B467EC
04D0326D 3434754C
04D0336D 3434757C
04D0326D 34B475DC
04D0316D 34B4756C
0490306D 343475CC
0490316D 343475FC
0490336D 34B4755C
04D0126D 343475EC
04D0116D 3434754C
04D0106D 34B4757C
04D0116D 34B475DC
0490136D 3434756C
0490126D 34B475CC
0490136D 34B475FC
04D0306D 3434775C
04D0316D 343477EC
04D0336D 34B4774C
0490326D 3434777C
0490336D 343477DC
0490306D 34B4776C
0490316D 34B477CC
04D0106D 343477FC
04D0126D 34B4775C
04D0136D 34B477EC
0490106D 3434774C
0490116D 3434777C
0490106D 34B477DC
04D0326D 3434612C
04D0336D 3434618C
04D0326D 34B461BC
04D0316D 34B4611C
0490306D 343461AC
0490326D 34B4610C
0490336D 34B4613C
04D0126D 3434619C
04D0116D 3434612C
04D0106D 34B4618C
04D0116D 34B461BC
0490136D 3434611C
0490126D 34B461AC
0490116D 34B4610C
04D0306D 3434633C
04D0316D 3434639C
04D0336D 34B4632C
0490326D 3434638C


Have All Magic (Pure) Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0136D 343465AC
04D0106D 34B4650C
04D0116D 34B4653C
0490106D 3434659C
0490126D 34B4652C
0490136D 34B4658C
04D0326D 343467BC
04D0316D 3434671C
04D0306D 34B467AC
0490326D 3434670C
0490336D 3434673C
0490326D 34B4679C
0490316D 34B4672C
04D0106D 3434678C
04D0116D 343467BC
04D0136D 34B4671C
0490126D 343467AC
0490116D 3434670C
0490106D 34B4673C
0490116D 34B4679C
04D0336D 3434752C
04D0326D 34B4758C
04D0336D 34B475BC
0490306D 3434751C
0490316D 343475AC
0490336D 34B4750C
04D0126D 3434753C
04D0136D 3434759C
04D0106D 34B4752C
04D0116D 34B4758C
0490106D 343475BC
0490126D 34B4751C
0490136D 34B475AC
04D0306D 3434770C
04D0316D 3434773C
04D0306D 34B4779C
0490326D 3434772C
0490336D 3434778C
0490326D 34B477BC
0490316D 34B4771C
04D0106D 343477AC
04D0126D 34B4770C
04D0136D 34B4773C
0490126D 3434779C
0490116D 3434772C
0490106D 34B4778C
0490116D 34B477BC
04D0336D 3434655C
04D0326D 34B465EC
04D0316D 34B4654C
0490306D 3434657C
0490316D 343465DC
0490336D 34B4656C
04D0126D 343465CC
04D0136D 343465FC
04D0106D 34B4655C
04D0116D 34B465EC
0490136D 3434654C
0490126D 34B4657C
0490136D 34B465DC
04D0306D 3434676C
04D0316D 343467CC
04D0306D 34B467FC
0490326D 3434675C
0490336D 343467EC
0490306D 34B4674C
0490316D 34B4677C
04D0106D 343467DC
04D0126D 34B4676C


Have All Plant Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490102D 34B4636C
0490112D 34B463CC
04D0302D 343471FC
04D0322D 34B4715C
04D0332D 34B471EC
0490302D 3434714C
0490312D 3434717C
0490302D 34B471DC
04D0122D 3434716C
04D0132D 343471CC
04D0122D 34B471FC
04D0112D 34B4715C
0490102D 343471EC
0490122D 34B4714C
0490132D 34B4717C
04D0322D 343473DC
04D0312D 3434736C
04D0302D 34B473CC
04D0312D 34B473FC
0490332D 3434735C
0490322D 34B473EC
0490312D 34B4734C
04D0102D 3434737C
04D0112D 343473DC


Have All Pyro Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490322D 34B4733C
0490332D 34B4739C
04D0102D 3434732C
04D0112D 3434738C
04D0102D 34B473BC
0490122D 3434731C
0490132D 343473AC
0490102D 34B4730C
0490112D 34B4733C
04D0302D 343461DC
04D0322D 34B4616C


Have All Reptile Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490156D 34B471DC
04D0376D 3434736C
04D0366D 34B473CC
04D0376D 34B473FC
0490346D 3434735C
0490356D 343473EC
0490376D 34B4734C
04D0166D 3434737C
04D0176D 343473DC
04D0146D 34B4736C
04D0156D 34B473CC
0490146D 343473FC
0490166D 34B4735C


Have All Rock Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0332D 34B461CC
0490322D 343461FC
0490312D 3434615C
0490302D 34B461EC
04D0122D 3434614C
04D0132D 3434617C
04D0122D 34B461DC
04D0112D 34B4616C
0490102D 343461CC
0490112D 343461FC
0490132D 34B4615C
04D0322D 343463EC
04D0312D 3434634C
04D0302D 34B4637C
04D0312D 34B463DC
0490332D 3434636C
0490322D 34B463CC
0490332D 34B463FC
04D0102D 3434635C
04D0112D 343463EC
04D0132D 34B4634C
0490122D 3434637C
0490132D 343463DC


Have All Sea Serpent Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

04D0312D 34B4670C
0490302D 3434673C
0490312D 3434679C
0490332D 34B4672C
04D0122D 3434678C


Have All Spellcaster Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490352D 34B465AC
04D0172D 3434650C
04D0162D 34B4653C
04D0172D 34B4659C
0490142D 3434652C
0490152D 3434658C
0490142D 34B465BC
04D0362D 3434671C
04D0372D 343467AC
04D0342D 34B4670C
04D0352D 34B4673C
0490342D 3434679C
0490362D 34B4672C
0490372D 34B4678C
04D0162D 343467BC
04D0152D 3434671C
04D0142D 34B467AC
0490162D 3434670C
0490172D 3434673C
0490162D 34B4679C
0490152D 34B4672C
04D0342D 3434758C
04D0352D 343475BC
04D0372D 34B4751C
0490362D 343475AC
0490352D 3434750C
0490342D 34B4753C
0490352D 34B4759C
04D0172D 3434752C
04D0162D 34B4758C
04D0172D 34B475BC
0490142D 3434751C
0490152D 343475AC
0490172D 34B4750C
04D0362D 3434773C
04D0372D 3434779C
04D0342D 34B4772C
04D0352D 34B4778C
0490342D 343477BC
0490362D 34B4771C
0490372D 34B477AC
04D0142D 3434770C
04D0152D 3434773C
04D0142D 34B4779C
0490162D 3434772C
0490172D 3434778C
0490162D 34B477BC
0490152D 34B4771C
04D0342D 343465EC
04D0362D 34B4654C
04D0372D 34B4657C
0490362D 343465DC
0490352D 3434656C
0490342D 34B465CC
0490352D 34B465FC
04D0172D 3434655C
04D0162D 34B465EC
04D0152D 34B4654C
0490142D 3434657C
0490152D 343465DC
0490172D 34B4656C
04D0362D 343467CC
04D0372D 343467FC
04D0342D 34B4675C
04D0352D 34B467EC
0490372D 3434674C


Have All Thunder Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490332D 34B4677C
04D0122D 343467DC
04D0112D 3434676C
04D0102D 34B467CC
04D0112D 34B467FC
0490132D 3434675C
0490122D 34B467EC
0490112D 34B4674C
04D0302D 3434757C
04D0312D 343475DC
04D0332D 34B4756C
0490322D 343475CC
0490332D 343475FC
0490302D 34B4755C
0490312D 34B475EC


Have All Warrior Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490162D 3434777C
0490172D 343477DC
0490142D 34B4776C
0490152D 34B477CC
04D0342D 343461BC
04D0362D 34B4611C
04D0372D 34B461AC
0490342D 3434610C
0490352D 3434613C
0490342D 34B4619C
04D0162D 3434612C
04D0172D 3434618C
04D0162D 34B461BC
04D0152D 34B4611C
0490142D 343461AC
0490162D 34B4610C
0490172D 34B4613C
04D0362D 3434639C
04D0352D 3434632C
04D0342D 34B4638C
04D0352D 34B463BC
0490372D 3434631C
0490362D 34B463AC
0490352D 34B4630C
04D0142D 3434633C
04D0152D 3434639C
04D0172D 34B4632C
0490162D 3434638C
0490172D 343463BC
0490142D 34B4631C
0490152D 34B463AC
04D0372D 3434710C
04D0362D 34B4713C
04D0372D 34B4719C
0490342D 3434712C
0490352D 3434718C
0490342D 34B471BC
04D0162D 3434711C
04D0172D 343471AC
04D0142D 34B4710C
04D0152D 34B4713C
0490142D 3434719C
0490162D 34B4712C
0490172D 34B4718C
04D0362D 343473BC
04D0352D 3434731C
04D0342D 34B473AC
0490362D 3434730C
0490372D 3434733C
0490362D 34B4739C
0490352D 34B4732C
04D0142D 3434738C
04D0152D 343473BC
04D0172D 34B4731C
0490162D 343473AC
0490152D 3434730C
0490142D 34B4733C
0490152D 34B4739C
04D0372D 3434616C
04D0362D 34B461CC
04D0372D 34B461FC
0490342D 3434615C
0490352D 343461EC
0490372D 34B4614C
04D0162D 3434617C
04D0172D 343461DC
04D0142D 34B4616C
04D0152D 34B461CC
0490142D 343461FC
0490162D 34B4615C
0490172D 34B461EC
04D0342D 3434634C
04D0352D 3434637C
04D0342D 34B463DC
0490362D 3434636C


Have All Winged Beast Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490146D 3434670C
0490156D 3434673C
0490146D 34B4679C
04D0366D 3434752C
04D0376D 3434758C
04D0366D 34B475BC
04D0356D 34B4751C
0490346D 343475AC
0490366D 34B4750C
0490376D 34B4753C
04D0166D 3434759C
04D0156D 3434752C
04D0146D 34B4758C
04D0156D 34B475BC
0490176D 3434751C
0490166D 34B475AC
0490156D 34B4750C
04D0346D 3434773C
04D0356D 3434779C
04D0376D 34B4772C
0490366D 3434778C
0490376D 343477BC
0490346D 34B4771C
0490356D 34B477AC
04D0176D 3434770C
04D0166D 34B4773C
04D0176D 34B4779C
0490146D 3434772C
0490156D 3434778C
0490146D 34B477BC
04D0366D 3434655C
04D0376D 343465EC
04D0346D 34B4654C
04D0356D 34B4657C
0490346D 343465DC
0490366D 34B4656C
0490376D 34B465CC
04D0166D 343465FC
04D0156D 3434655C
04D0146D 34B465EC
0490166D 3434654C
0490176D 3434657C
0490166D 34B465DC
0490156D 34B4656C
04D0346D 343467CC
04D0356D 343467FC
04D0376D 34B4675C
0490366D 343467EC
0490356D 3434674C
0490346D 34B4677C
0490356D 34B467DC
04D0176D 3434676C
04D0166D 34B467CC
04D0176D 34B467FC
0490146D 3434675C
0490156D 343467EC
0490176D 34B4674C
04D0366D 3434757C
04D0376D 343475DC
04D0346D 34B4756C
04D0356D 34B475CC
0490346D 343475FC
0490366D 34B4755C
0490376D 34B475EC
04D0146D 3434754C
04D0156D 3434757C
04D0146D 34B475DC
0490166D 3434756C
0490176D 343475CC
0490166D 34B475FC
0490156D 34B4755C
04D0346D 343477EC
04D0366D 34B4774C
04D0376D 34B4777C
0490366D 343477DC
0490356D 3434776C
0490346D 34B477CC
0490356D 34B477FC
04D0176D 3434775C
04D0166D 34B477EC
04D0156D 34B4774C
0490146D 3434777C
0490156D 343477DC
0490176D 34B4776C
04D0366D 3434618C
04D0376D 343461BC
04D0346D 34B4611C
04D0356D 34B461AC
0490376D 3434610C
0490366D 34B4613C
0490376D 34B4619C
04D0146D 3434612C
04D0156D 3434618C
04D0146D 34B461BC
0490166D 3434611C
0490176D 343461AC
0490146D 34B4610C
0490156D 34B4613C
04D0346D 3434639C
04D0366D 34B4632C


Have All Zombie Cards
Gameshark v3-4 & Xploder v4

0490362D 34B4677C
0490372D 34B467DC
04D0142D 3434676C
04D0152D 343467CC
04D0142D 34B467FC
0490162D 3434675C
0490172D 343467EC
0490142D 34B4674C
0490152D 34B4677C
04D0342D 343475DC
04D0362D 34B4756C
04D0372D 34B475CC
0490362D 343475FC
0490352D 3434755C
0490342D 34B475EC
04D0162D 3434754C
04D0172D 3434757C
04D0162D 34B475DC
04D0152D 34B4756C
0490142D 343475CC
0490152D 343475FC
0490172D 34B4755C
04D0362D 343477EC
04D0352D 3434774C
04D0342D 34B4777C
04D0352D 34B477DC
0490372D 3434776C
0490362D 34B477CC
0490372D 34B477FC
04D0142D 3434775C
04D0152D 343477EC
04D0172D 34B4774C