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Guitar Hero II CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Guitar Hero II (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend heading over to my Guitar Hero II Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U) and search for your code there instead!



(Shout At The Devil) Max Score: 78481466 0A53CD5F

(Shout At The Devil) Max Rating: 5ED9D933 5A35441C

(Shout At The Devil) Song Unlocked: E69E82A7 2CD0FD7E


(Mother) Max Score: E6CE918B 4B5BF5A0

(Mother) Max Rating: 91F335AD 54993246

(Mother) Song Unlocked: 1E0476B2 AF8030C9


(Surrender) Max Score: 16BCD501 3C548EBD

(Surrender) Max Rating: 78C5676C 9DB8D743

(Surrender) Song Unlocked: 339AC5DA 1DA22052


(Woman) Max Score: 664CE30A C87702ED

(Woman) Max Rating: 8B5FA4B3 AAE73CFD

(Woman) Song Unlocked: DCF56C2B 0CF04708


(Tonight I'm Gonna) Max Score: 1389DC92 F3708618

(Tonight I'm Gonna) Max Rating: 1831AE50 C73F2245

(Tonight I'm Gonna) Song Unlocked: 6168C81B 4F48D4B2


(Strutter) Max Score: 1118385F 6A80BCC0

(Strutter) Max Rating: 98FAD683 EAFDA1D3

(Strutter) Song Unlocked: 48624179 5871A08F


(Heart Shaped Box) Max Score: 19934905 D8EE3CEB

(Heart Shaped Box) Max Rating: 330CEB68 B8524147

(Heart Shaped Box) Song Unlocked: DDBCD07C 09A939EE


(Message In A Bottle) Max Score: 5C4F2C18 C65BB40B

(Message In A Bottle) Max Rating: 4AE03B03 7B8FE184

(Message In A Bottle) Song Unlocked: 3C8C5B0A 8BBE8C4B


(You Really Got Me) Max Score: 9E36B42F 4A5B8413

(You Really Got Me) Max Rating: 264A6967 8387AA0E

(You Really Got Me) Song Unlocked: 08BEE06B F414E6C1


(Carry On Wayward Son) Max Score: 27B9AF82 7F928232

(Carry On Wayward Son) Max Rating: E522666C 5DDA9426

(Carry On Wayward Son) Song Unlocked: B505DD07 7AA2F1F8


(Monkey Wrench) Max Score: 695C421D 6F1F67F5

(Monkey Wrench) Max Rating: 3E1A00A7 B6085997

(Monkey Wrench) Song Unlocked: 91D172BC FABE8D95


(Them Bones) Max Score: A9FC09CD D111464C

(Them Bones) Max Rating: B9A4705A 02245008

(Them Bones) Song Unlocked: 84C8D58E 145F66B6


(Search and Destroy) Max Score: 18E36E0C 8813284F

(Search and Destroy) Max Rating: C2FFF755 0E6474CB

(Search and Destroy) Song Unlocked: 24A6A195 968CB199


(Tatooed Love Boys) Max Score: C9E7963B 43029B3B

(Tatooed Love Boys) Max Rating: CC9D8A9E 66EFAF89

(Tatooed Love Boys) Song Unlocked: 4DAC6E4D B4036DBB


(War Pigs) Max Score: F700DA64 FD024EFF

(War Pigs) Max Rating: 7D9D579B E5F00A4D

(War Pigs) Song Unlocked: 90CD8ED1 1564277C


(Cherry Pie) Max Score: 7E50C227 44E23B60

(Cherry Pie) Max Rating: ED37D946 4E33F48C

(Cherry Pie) Song Unlocked: AF854D5B C2688636


(Who Was In My Room) Max Score: 3962CA47 5D1729DB

(Who Was In My Room) Max Rating: C903035E AE6DA3D0

(Who Was In My Room) Song Unlocked: D0727276 538B8F17


(Girl Friend) Max Score: 4D00C477 D871964B

(Girl Friend) Max Rating: 1A2A2B80 870B4872

(Girl Friend) Song Unlocked: 758B1565 4EAB3CDB


(Can't You Hear Me) Max Score: CCB6601B ECE3937C

(Can't You Hear Me) Max Rating: B8A0E53C 2C5A812C

(Can't You Hear Me) Song Unlocked: 502EDDA9 22A04279


(Sweet Child of Mine) Max Score: 8CDBD29D 6BA4C9BD

(Sweet Child of Mine) Max Rating: 028D55F0 C1F9D1D4

(Sweet Child of Mine) Song Unlocked: 77F055E0 E57A3C9E


(Killing In The Name Of) Max Score: C32426A3 A05C96FF

(Killing In The Name Of) Max Rating: FA60709E B304D0B0

(Killing In The Name Of) Song Unlocked: 5557B5EA 0C10E09E


(John the Fisherman) Max Score: C032C221 B83FB685

(John the Fisherman) Max Rating: 0084DC66 037E6BF7

(John the Fisherman) Song Unlocked: 7601FBAD 433F752A


(Freya) Max Score: 1EA941FF FF0763AC

(Freya) Max Rating: 342F2976 EFA8B691

(Freya) Song Unlocked: 00942617 2EB31B79


(Bad Reputation) Max Score: 9F863EBA 6C90B0AA

(Bad Reputation) Max Rating: 67C32706 8E207AA9

(Bad Reputation) Song Unlocked: 45F93085 EB20FFDD


(Last Child) Max Score: 7FBBF166 08B12474

(Last Child) Max Rating: 4F176030 EB2B2A87

(Last Child) Song Unlocked: 3ED03755 E7533649


(Crazy On You) Max Score: 79961B68 917A9431

(Crazy On You) Max Rating: B288E795 B9A45C5C

(Crazy On You) Song Unlocked: 9F17D7B4 A9610394


(Trippin On A Hole) Max Score: 1DA9422E 3304B1CC

(Trippin On A Hole) Max Rating: 24E65625 350361D8

(Trippin On A Hole) Song Unlocked: 73107B9F 47E5A4E6


(Rock This Town) Max Score: 3CAD8523 2A6756BB

(Rock This Town) Max Rating: 5EDBB860 05679FDA

(Rock This Town) Song Unlocked: 5C1295F6 1578C7E9


(Jessica) Max Score: E60FB7A0 F2D46620

(Jessica) Max Rating: 01A6243D E61B36EE

(Jessica) Song Unlocked: 514A5892 B0807909


(Stop) Max Score: D3CC4BAE BAB34FE2

(Stop) Max Rating: AD046E8F 77D4F88C

(Stop) Song Unlocked: 3295612E F5E4A3DF


(Mad House) Max Score: A25B931C C832988E

(Mad House) Max Rating: 8B9318EE 059934A9

(Mad House) Song Unlocked: 80BDD2F7 9627FDBA


(Carry Me Home) Max Score: B786300D 4D09F3F8

(Carry Me Home) Max Rating: 9780E9DD 841FBC6F

(Carry Me Home) Song Unlocked: 40244C70 BB733E71


(Laid to Rest) Max Score: FA4B943F 859C8905

(Laid to Rest) Max Rating: CF89FA53 746E61FB

(Laid to Rest) Song Unlocked: 867137DD CD2649B0


(Psycho Billy) Max Score: 381C5ADC 0ADE3DB9

(Psycho Billy) Max Rating: EBA67DD4 FBBF7995

(Psycho Billy) Song Unlocked: 69B74706 9B98C8C6


(YYZ) Max Score: D82A26EB 9608023A

(YYZ) Max Rating: B280CBD7 A51E9BC6

(YYZ) Song Unlocked: 2531A299 D3BFBA38


(Beast and the Harlot) Max Score: D929970C E42F4E2A

(Beast and the Harlot) Max Rating: D87DF13D 5312E8F8

(Beast and the Harlot) Song Unlocked: CE9E05E0 1A325F93


(Institutionalized) Max Score: 78A7E191 987AFD6E

(Institutionalized) Max Rating: 2DE5529B F26143F3

(Institutionalized) Song Unlocked: 7B031978 081E6259


(Misirlou) Max Score: 91CA954E 10E92C02

(Misirlou) Max Rating: 5B218ECC 883DA325

(Misirlou) Song Unlocked: 4D15D9F8 CE282549


(Hangar 18) Max Score: F9B7C335 78F0FA1F

(Hangar 18) Max Rating: E1472231 AA7D310A

(Hangar 18) Song Unlocked: E8D0B525 1FA8B7A3


(Free Bird) Max Score: 3AD0D19A BCE512A8

(Free Bird) Max Rating: AACC1798 64F9EA49

(Free Bird) Song Unlocked: B6096912 350B9D97


(Raw Dog) Max Score: E3FDB177 87076989

(Raw Dog) Max Rating: 673A7B72 3E285CBF

(Raw Dog) Song Unlocked: 192D126B 69C5F803


(Arterial Black) Max Score: A2BDC5DF 12C88C6F

(Arterial Black) Max Rating: 1B57654B 8B137164

(Arterial Black) Song Unlocked: 80C6A7CF D9EADE61


(Collide) Max Score: 661E06D4 D252C75E

(Collide) Max Rating: 44CDD526 677B502A

(Collide) Song Unlocked: E1BDB03B 52CB6B5E


(Elephant Bones) Max Score: 31C1BF58 F5A50AB1

(Elephant Bones) Max Rating: 83D4EC9A 543DCAF4

(Elephant Bones) Song Unlocked: 119E0EA0 E018FCAE


(Fall of Pangea) Max Score: 9F101244 AEA882C9

(Fall of Pangea) Max Rating: 0941E05E 613790CA

(Fall of Pangea) Song Unlocked: 22ADBBF0 77F36F0B


(FTK) Max Score: 23650591 D6B8CC02

(FTK) Max Rating: 779770AD F4013BF5

(FTK) Song Unlocked: 0C5D3175 7ABBFC71


(Gemini) Max Score: 69E21DB7 8C22825A

(Gemini) Max Rating: FA64BB95 8035692D

(Gemini) Song Unlocked: 2F725C9A DABE883C


(Lady Lightning) Max Score: D4466063 DE2E32FF

(Lady Lightning) Max Rating: A9AADD54 BDE937CC

(Lady Lightning) Song Unlocked: 1956FA15 BA8B9F0E


(Laugh Track) Max Score: 0ABC917B 28FBA66E

(Laugh Track) Max Rating: 60075E5F D026DC85

(Laugh Track) Song Unlocked: FB9F1673 17A30676


(Less Talk More Rokk) Max Score: 70F20352 EF7D2381

(Less Talk More Rokk) Max Rating: 8A94CE62 0AB5E8DD

(Less Talk More Rokk) Song Unlocked: 4048B374 016EC0E0


(Jordan) Max Score: 7A048F4B DDFF89E1

(Jordan) Max Rating: DDE0AE3B 5FA20CA1

(Jordan) Song Unlocked: 536920EB 85A28CF2


(Mr. Fix It) Max Score: 934FCD90 123F39B6

(Mr. Fix It) Max Rating: B3FC4C7C C371875F

(Mr. Fix It) Song Unlocked: 8C191F64 0872B0C2


(New Black) Max Score: D4B87C7C B4E580C4

(New Black) Max Rating: D8716AA3 F5CA318B

(New Black) Song Unlocked: AD067386 5FFB1D67


(One For The Road) Max Score: F513CD38 978DB7C2

(One For The Road) Max Rating: 3490EDD7 FE1DBAF1

(One For The Road) Song Unlocked: 67A310B0 2224C6F0


(Parasite) Max Score: E33C828D C4C73F3E

(Parasite) Max Rating: 2459811F DA852382

(Parasite) Song Unlocked: 62DB75B7 9BCA6F90


(Radium Eyes) Max Score: 037E8175 590D288F

(Radium Eyes) Max Rating: 54ECCDA1 87DE92AD

(Radium Eyes) Song Unlocked: C534DB59 15EFA2C1


(Red Lottery) Max Score: 5646147A 64DAFA52

(Red Lottery) Max Rating: 16DDA514 5610C5CF

(Red Lottery) Song Unlocked: 06CFAC66 B5814AEC


(Six) Max Score: 5E52EF33 8BEDD1D3

(Six) Max Rating: 7C1432CB B0E48B9B

(Six) Song Unlocked: D5577489 91139152


(Soy Bomb) Max Score: 2776F3DC A76B29C4

(Soy Bomb) Max Rating: 0C3A05BF EBE643C0

(Soy Bomb) Song Unlocked: 377E9767 90F23C42


(The Light That Blinds) Max Score: CEC36EF8 C2B1CC92

(The Light That Blinds) Max Rating: B06DAB4D 8071F7A5

(The Light That Blinds) Song Unlocked: 5595423D 1C21342B


(Thunder Horse) Max Score: 72A99BFB 66DE2A46

(Thunder Horse) Max Rating: B5F115F6 0542C7CC

(Thunder Horse) Song Unlocked: 60890220 29149AA9


(Trogdor) Max Score: A1EC3F7D 5BDD38C4

(Trogdor) Max Rating: B8AFBE18 D7E55C5C

(Trogdor) Song Unlocked: 9654BF6F 6FFE6DAE


(X-Stream) Max Score: 1F0A9AE4 EB25DCBD

(X-Stream) Max Rating: FC6EBAC3 85521D5C

(X-Stream) Song Unlocked: DE56FD46 96ED2487


(Yes We Can) Max Score: D8CDCBD0 41C65FE2

(Yes We Can) Max Rating: 68A82A13 BDFC19E7

(Yes We Can) Song Unlocked: 06B4301C 666AC135


(Multi Fo) Max Score: 5252892A 24BC89E9

(Multi Fo) Max Rating: F394E3DE D4B679D8

(Multi Fo) Song Unlocked: 5785333C 0B034110










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