Metal Slime Hunting Abilities & Strategy

           Since Metal Slimes have an insanely high defense and are immune to spells it forces you to come up with a unique strategy in order to beat them. This page is going to go over the abilities and items that you should collect in preparation for Metal Slime grinding. To see my guide detailing the different types of Metal Slimes and where to find them follow the link provided.

           Keep in mind that this guide isn't meant to offer advice to you prior to acquiring the Godbird's Soulstone towards the end of the game. If you're looking for advice on how to take out Metal Slime enemies in the early game locations like Ruined Abbey or Castle Trodain you won't find what you're looking for here.

           First up, let's start by looking at the abilities you will want to learn or Metal Slime hunting.


Hero Abilities for Metal Slime Hunting

Metal Slash (Sword) - This is the most common/basic attack for Metal Slime hunting. It's worthless unless you stack Tension prior to attacking.
Note: Using Uber Falcon Blade with Metal Slash will allow you to strike twice.

Lightning Thrust (Spear) - This is arguably the best attack for Metal Slime hunting because critical hits deal full damage to the slimes, defeating them in a single hit.

Thunder Thrust (Spear) - This is a weaker version of Lightning Thrust but takes less than 10 Skill Points to acquire.


Yangus Abilities for Metal Slime Hunting

Executioner (Axe) - Executioner has a moderate chance of hitting the enemy with a critical hit; since Metal Slimes take full damage from a crit this one shots them.

Hatchet Man (Axe) - This ability is a weaker version of Executioner. It will one shot any type of Metal Slime it hits.

Whistle (Humanity) - Without a doubt the most important ability for Metal Slime hunting. What Whistle does is calls any nearby enemies into battle with you immediately. Since Liquid Metal Slimes only come out at night it'll save you a lot of time and prolong night for hours.


Jessica Abilities for Metal Slime Hunting

Acceleratle (Staff; 3 Points) - If you have a Timbrel of Tension, the majority of the time you'll want to be using that with Jessica. Otherwise you'll want to use Acceleratle as many times as required to make sure your whole party attacks first in battle.

Twin Dragon Lash (Whip; 23 Points) - With Jessica this is the best attack you can use against Metal Slimes. All in all not that good though, even with high stacked tension.


Angelo Abilities for Metal Slime Hunting

Metal Slash (Sword) - This is the most common/basic attack for Metal Slime hunting. It's almost worthless unless you stack Tension prior to attacking.
Note: Using Uber Falcon Blade with Metal Slash will allow you to strike twice.


           If you can get Executioner and Lightning Thrust you'll have a much easier time defeating all Metal Slime enemies. Relying on Metal Slash isn't such a good idea since it requires tension built up to defeat most enemies. The benefit of Executioner and Lightning Thrust is you can one shot any Metal Slime you encounter.

           Those of you without Executioner and Lightning Thrust will find much more use in the Timbrel of Tension item than those with these abilities. This is also a perfect segue into me talking about this item.

Timbrel of tension item

Timbrel of Tension is an item you can use during battle which increases the Tension of your entire party by 1 level. This is the most important and most powerful item in the entire game that you can get for your party. You can only make two of these throughout the entire game since you can only get two Sun Crowns but there's no need to make a second, just one of them makes you overpowered enough.

Sun Crown is obtained through Alchemy by combining a Skull Helm and Saint's Ashes

Magic Beast Hide is obtained as a random drop from many of the different beast enemies that you encounter throughout the game and on the field

Tough Guy Tattoo is purchased from the Argonia Bazaar


           Timbrel of Tension is useful not only for Metal Slime hunting but for the Dragovian Trials and the final boss too. It's a must have item which I can't recommend enough. You should put it on the character with the most Agility and have them cast the Timbrel of Tension first every single round of battle. So that every character gets a boost of 5 tension before they have the chance to attack.

           If you have the Executioner and Lightning Thrust abilities; or even their weaker counterparts you'll want to use them during the battles with the Metal Slime enemies. Ignore Metal Slash and building tension because it takes too many rounds and risks your enemy running away. Incase you don't have these abilities, here is my strategy on how you can take out Metal Slimes with Timbrel of Tension and Metal Slash.


Battle Strategy Without Executioner/Hatchet Man or Lightning/Thunder Thrust

Use Timbrel of Tension on your character that attacks first. Equip them with a Meteorite Bracer if needed to boost their Agility

If fighting a Metal King Slime also boost tension on the first round on everyone you plan to attack with; On the second round of battle unleash Metal Slash/auto attack on the Metal King Slime

If fighting a Liquid Metal Slime; 2 Metal Slashes with 5 Tension will defeat it or 1 Metal Slash with 20+ tension

Note: Liquid Metal Sword will always strike for 2 even if you build up 50 tension and use Metal Slash. Always 2.

Note: Uber Falcon Blade allows you to strike twice with the Metal Slash ability.


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