Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 - Ability Capsule CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend heading over to my Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U) and search for your code there instead!



(Kid Gohan) Unlock Potential: 5551A5AF 88E79BC1

(Kid Gohan) Masenko: 72C0C684 B9C41893

(Kid Gohan) Breakthrough: EA5CE1AC AB5D7DB9


(Teen Gohan) Super Saiyan: 0AA53386 6C61D056

(Teen Gohan) Super Saiyan 2: 7546379C 113F7097

(Teen Gohan) Kamehameha: 2150DDFB E73DFA4F

(Teen Gohan) Soaring Dragon Strike: 3688E8E8 AE8979B8

(Teen Gohan) Father-Son Kamehameha: D92F60A3 1613D375

(Teen Gohan) Breakthrough: 3B0E2948 EFD1C68A


(Gohan) Super Saiyan: 21366F30 479A1E09

(Gohan) Super Saiyan 2: ECCD4AF8 E3D6DA7D

(Gohan) Elder Kai Ability Unlocked: 29725D7A E781C727

(Gohan) Kamehameha: 25348CBB EC7B877D

(Gohan) Soaring Dragon Strike: 2CE122C9 998EC9C3

(Gohan) Super Kamehameha: 6A1CDE25 F91E60E7

(Gohan) Breakthrough: EB174439 7EF4B49C



(Great Saiyaman) Justice Punch: 3485FAD4 5CAC04DE

(Great Saiyaman) Justice Kick: CAF9CACD 860B5ABE

(Great Saiyaman) Justice Pose: 10D72D8F 34E62C4C

(Great Saiyaman) Breakthrough: 1CF90456 043B5D90


(Goten) Super Saiyan: 46A30D3E AC79EC2B

(Goten) Kamehameha: 49339F1F CA2FE80F

(Goten) Charge: 8261F265 C864238E

(Goten) Breakthrough: 14068238 0718D9C5


(Vegeta) Super Saiyan: 31B90679 3895726D

(Vegeta) Super Saiyan 2: ECC297E3 7370041C

(Vegeta) Super Saiyan 4: 91E71E5D 88340981

(Vegeta) Galick Gun: 3C66850D ED532A91

(Vegeta) Atomic Blast: ED2DFF4A 9F741462

(Vegeta) Final Impact: 79B60ED0 8A650FBE

(Vegeta) Final Shine Attack: E8C1EA4B 9BD48906

(Vegeta) Final Flash: B10FC3B8 69114CA2

(Vegeta) Big Bang Attack: 280B1EBD 2226D9A5

(Vegeta) Final Explosion: B6623F18 71DD34AD

(Vegeta) Fusion: F73E4162 498351C0

(Vegeta-Gogeta) Galick Gun: 372EF9E6 BB124FC4

(Vegeta-Gogeta) Soul Strike: D32008D6 71BB07E2

(Vegeta-Gogeta) Soul Punisher: A9DAD4AB 83613EAB

(Vegeta) Fusion: 5FAC9EED 7354FBA7

(Vegeta-Gogeta) Super Saiyan 4: B2D97D16 B4DB6DD4

(Vegeta-Gogeta) Galick Gun: 844E1A1A 6EB9543E

(Vegeta-Gogeta) Final Shine Attack: CE965872 EDF643AE

(Vegeta-Gogeta) Big Bang Kamehameha: 4FBE2408 F74730CF

(Vegeta-Gogeta) 100X Big Bang Kamehameha: 27A437DD 95BD09FE

(Vegeta) Potara: 82801ABE B546A0D2

(Vegeta) Breakthrough: D32EE1B5 F047F6B5


(Trunks) Super Saiyan: AC3D66F2 EB46AFB4

(Trunks) Super Saiyan 2: BD8EB5F6 A691EF3B

(Trunks) Buster Cannon: 7F44E9DB C567ED86

(Trunks) Finish Buster: E214D9EE 1038CDBE

(Trunks) Burning Sash: 0C4705FC F37F0CC8

(Trunks) Breakthrough: 00D6C104 D9911664


(Kid Trunks) Super Saiyan: F6CAA3FD 8515525F

(Kid Trunks) Double Buster: F99C62E7 63EADDA3

(Kid Trunks) Final Cannon: E855B86D DA0E185E

(Kid Trunks) Fusion: 485DF64B 5860A779

(Kid Trunks-Gotenks) Super Saiyan: 3DD0B924 7F387082

(Kid Trunks-Gotenks) Super Saiyan 3: D85F9A1B 6A473E9F

(Kid Trunks-Gotenks) Double Buster: 103FDD87 7A129AB6

(Kid Trunks-Gotenks) Final Cannon: 7134720D BD3D0704

(Kid Trunks-Gotenks) Victory Cannon: FEB49C99 C7620540

(Kid Trunks-Gotenks) Galactica Donuts: DB46FCB4 7A81969D

(Kid Trunks-Gotenks) Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: A2905D98 37B9217D

(Kid Trunks-Gotenks) Breakthrough: 4712B30E 9B991577


(Goten) Fusion: CD69BBB6 BF519735

(Goten-Gotenks) Super Saiyan: 2EBEEC5B 01756060

(Goten-Gotenks) Super Saiyan 3: 55EC2D7C CCEC8643

(Goten-Gotenks) Kamehameha: 5594D6C9 CD5A30A4

(Goten-Gotenks) Charge: E3CE7B60 80524615

(Goten-Gotenks) Victory Cannon: 3B2F48E7 1BF0FD24

(Goten-Gotenks) Galactica Donuts: 28F079B5 A75083C3

(Goten-Gotenks) Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: 70CB12CE 4D07C1A0

(Goten-Gotenks) Kamehameha 3: 9E11A410 D82B1294


(Krillin) Unlock Potential: 675F1164 D00493CD

(Krillin) Kamehameha: 610AD7F4 746CB1E8

(Krillin) Destructo Disc: 0F2638AC 21CA61E5

(Krillin) Fierce Destructo Disc: FD526CAA 430B1CC7

(Krillin) Breakthrough: BEC57C1D 2DBF41D8


(Piccolo) Sync with Nail: D48F1F4B 1A6EA94D

(Piccolo) Fuse with Kami: 7E86210A 4EC30A9B

(Piccolo) Destructive Wave: E493DAAF A09953DB

(Piccolo) Light Grenade: CD09D704 38A48F58

(Piccolo) Special Beam Cannon: 568E4CF6 C3F63829

(Piccolo) Hellzone Grenade: B8E564C0 5F60A520

(Piccolo) Breakthrough: 246AF071 9D81773B


(Tien) Dodompa: 52926C94 2D096664

(Tien) Ki Blast Cannon: 690C2254 33BF8FD4

(Tien) Neo Ki Blast Cannon: AE6B0BBE 08BA8CFA

(Tien) Breakthrough: D6237F7A 00D72B80


(Yamcha) Kamehameha: 73B35F41 599036DF

(Yamcha) Wolf Fang Fist: 81D90A42 B3BF2E63

(Yamcha) Spirital Ball Attack: 858D7AAD DBE36838

(Yamcha) Breakthrough: E53909CB AAEEDEB8


(Hercule) High Tension: D1515994 3116D6AE

(Hercule) Dynamite Kick: 001B4CED 88D2E6F3

(Hercule) Rolling Hercule Punch: 17C97EA1 83387F8F

(Hercule) Hercule Special: C029D5EF 2E9D7D44

(Hercule) Present For You: 5B45FB89 EC48B03D

(Hercule) Breakthrough: 62301FC7 EC41F925