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Xiao Ultimate Weapon Guide - Dark Cloud

Xiao Angel Gear

Xiao is the first character that you will unlock in Dark Cloud and she is tied for the most powerful ranged character in the game with Ruby. The difference between Xiao and Ruby is that Xiao deals more physical damage with her weapon whereas Ruby deals more elemental damage. Depending on the enemy you are fighting you may prefer one character over the other.

Unlike the other characters in this game, Xiao only has a single final evolution and that's the Angel Gear. The Angel Gear is also her Ultimate Weapon because it has the highest potential Attack value of all her weapons. Every single one of her weapons aside from Steve will evolve into the Angel Gear so there is no worry about going down the wrong path and evolving your weapons into something you don't want.

As for her Steve and Super Steve weapons, they're kind of memes moreso than actual good weapons. The value of Steve isn't the high stats but rather that he talks to you and provides you advice and insight into different enemies as well as cute comments.

There are two more weapons that I feel worth mentioning for Xiao and that is her Bandit Slingshot and Angel Shooter. Bandit Slingshot comes with the Steal ability which allows you to steal items from enemies when attacking them, only Xiao and Ruby get a weapon with this unique ability on it.

Angel Shooter is the other weapon and that has the Heal ability on it, this is the only weapon with the Heal ability in the entire game. Heal recovers 1 health every few seconds as you carry the weapon around with you. It's a very minor amount of health but adds up quickly when you consider how much time you spend running around the various dungeon floors to reach the exit, Back Floor or whatever else.

Weapons With Skills:

Bandit Slingshot: Steal (Steals items from enemies)
Angel Shooter: Heal (Restores 1 health every few seconds)

Angel Gear Max StatsAngel Gear AttributesAngel Gear Anti Monster Stats

When it comes to choosing the best route for Xiao, I strongly recommend you start with the Bandit Slingshot. If you're able to start with the Bandit Slingshot then it means you'll be able to get both Steal and Heal on your Ultimate Weapon which is the best combination of abilities possible on Angel Gear.

The best dungeons to search for the Bandit Slingshot are the Divine Beast Cave and the Wise Owl Forest. Since it is a lower level weapon and both of these dungeons are lower level dungeons the odds of you finding it will be higher since the loot pool is smaller. Also, trying to find this weapon while you only have Toan/Xiao in your party is ideal so that you won't get anything except Swords and Slingshots.

Below is the weapon chart for Xiao showing you every evolution path, use this screenshot to help plan out the best route forward when evolving weapons.

Xiao Weapons List