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Ungaga Ultimate Weapon Guide - Dark Cloud

Ungaga Babels Spear

Ungaga is the 4th ally that you will recruit to your party and is the 2nd best melee fighter in the game. The weapons available to this character consist of both Spears and Lances, they have the longest range of any melee weapon and deal about the same amount of damage as Toan's weapons. Ungaga is also capable of a 3 hit combo that consists of a downward strike then a left and right swing.

If you hold down the attack button with Ungaga he'll also spin his weapon around creating a whirlwind of sorts which will deal constant damage to any enemies caught within it. You will have to use this whirlwind attack multiple times throughout the game (especially in Sun & Moon Temple) to clear away the black smoke blocking your path.

There are 3 weapons that I feel the need to point out for Ungaga, 5 Foot Nail, Scorpion and Babel's Spear. 2 of these weapons have unique abilities on them that I mention below and the third is Babel's Spear which is Ungaga's most powerful weapon aka his Ultimate Weapon.

Weapons With Special Skills:

5 Foot Nail: Critical (small chance to instantly defeat an enemy)
Scorpion: Poison (small chance to Poison an enemy)

Babels Spear Max StatsBabels Spear AttributesBabels Spear Anti Monster Stats

Babel's Spear is pretty easy to unlock with Ungaga since mostly all of his weapons lead to that evolution. The only time you have to be cautious when evolving a weapon for Ungaga is when you have Mirage. You can evolve Mirage into either Terra Sword or Hercules' Wrath, you'll want to evolve it into Terra Sword because that will then evolve into the Babel Spear.

So long as you avoid evolving your Mirage into the Hercules' Wrath you're fine. As for the best weapon to start with, if you can get your hands on a 5 Foot Nail that would be your best choice for starter weapon with Ungaga. The next best alternative would be Halberd probably since that can be evolved into a Scorpion, Ungaga's 2nd weapon with a unique ability.

For more information about what weapons Ungaga has and what they evolve into check out the screenshot below.

Ungaga Weapons List