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Toan Ultimate Weapon Guide - Dark Cloud

Toan Chronicle Sword

Toan is the main character in Dark Cloud and your best melee fighter (in my opinion). Most of Toans weapons are very well rounded, they have good Speed and deal very solid damage. His ultimate weapon is technically the Chronicle 2 Sword which is your reward for completing the Demon Shaft dungeon, this is the final (optional) dungeon in the English release of the game.

Despite Chronicle 2 being Toan's best weapon I am going to mostly ignore that for this guide. The reason for that is once you beat the final dungeon of this game there is really no reason to continue playing it. You have nothing new to do and no real incentive to even use this weapon on anything. So, instead I am going to cover the best weapon that you can get through evolution, the Chronicle Sword.

Chronicle Sword is the best weapon in the game for Toan because it has the highest achieveable Attack stat of all his evolveable weapons. It's also one of the fastest swords in the game with extremely fast combos that leave enemies very little opportunity to counter attack you.

If you're interested in reaching Chronicle Sword as fast as possible I recommend purchasing the Wise Owl Sword from the shop in Matataki Village and upgrading that into the Chronicle Sword. There is only one evolution path for this weapon and it's rather short, check out the screenshot further down this page for more info about the evolution path.

Aside from Toan's Ultimate Weapon there are a few other weapons that are worth pointing out. Sometimes in Dark Cloud weapons come with skills on them, sometimes these skills are detrimental to you but other times they're useful. There are some skills that sound detrimental but actually turn out to be really useful, like the Sand Breaker's Thirst skill.

Below are the 4 weapons Toan gets that are worth pointing out due to their skills:

Weapons With Special Skills:

Antique Sword: Stop (freezes an enemy)
Kitchen Knife: Quench (reduces Thirst rate)
Drain Seeker: Drain (drains health)
Sand Breaker: Thirst (restores water when defeating enemies)

Toan Antique Sword

Keep in mind that you can turn the aforementioned weapons into SynthSpheres and carry their skills over to another weapon. This works across characters too, if you want Xiao's Steal skill from her Bandit Slingshot on one of Toan's weapons you can SynthSphere it and transfer it over.

With all of that information out of the way, let's take a look at all of Toan's weapons and the evolution chart for them. As you can see from my screenshot below there are many different routes you can take to get to Chronicle Sword, there is also the 7th Heaven and the Sword of Zeus that you can evolve into too as far as final weapons go.

As aforementioned at the top of this guide, Chronicle Sword is the best final tier weapon mostly due to the high Attack stat on the weapon and the quick combos that are possible with it. I personally recommend starting with the Wise Owl Sword and evolving that into the Chronicle Sword, then if you want Drain or Stop on the Chronicle Sword you can use a SynthSphere Antique Sword or Drainseeker on it.

Toan Weapons List