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Ruby Ultimate Weapon Guide - Dark Cloud

Ruby Secret Armlet

Ruby is one of the 3 ranged attack characters in this game and she's tied for being the most powerful along with Xiao. The difference between these two characters is that Xiao does more physical damage and Ruby does more elemental damage with her weapons. You can also power up Ruby's shots to make them do more damage by holding down the attack button whereas Xiao only has her regular attack.

There are only 3 weapons that Ruby gets that I feel are worth mentioning, two of them are final evolutions and one of them has an ability. Let's start with the ability, Bandit's Ring comes with the Steal skill which is a really good skill to have on a weapon and in my opinion this is the best weapon to start with on Ruby to evolve into her Ultimate Weapon. Xiao is the only other character that gets a weapon with Steal on it.

Secret Armlet and Mobius Ring are the other 2 weapons that I would like to mention and both of these are final evolutions for Ruby. Mobius Ring is the inferior weapon in nearly every single way so I recommend you avoid evolving your weapons into this. The Secret Armlet weapon has higher maximum Attack and MP values which makes it the superior weapon and Ruby's Ultimate Weapon.

Weapons With Special Skills:

Bandit's Ring: Steal (Steals items from enemies)

Secret Armlet StatsSecret Armlet AttributesSecret Armlet Anti Monster Stats

Like I said earlier on this page, I strongly recommend you start with the Bandit's Ring if you can find one. Evolve the Bandit's Ring into a Goddess Ring and from there it's a straight shot to the Secret Armlet. For those of you who are unlucky and unable to find a Bandit's Ring my advice to you would be to evolve whatever you can find for the time being and either use a SynthSphere with Steal on it on Ruby's weapon or deal with not having Steal at all.

Another alternative is you can always wait until you eventually get a Bandit's Ring and then turn the weapon you have been evolving into a SynthSphere and put it into the Bandit's Ring. This way you'll be able to turn your Bandit's Ring into an amazing weapon right out of the gate.

Check out the screenshot below to see all of Ruby's weapons and what their evolution paths are so that you can choose the right one to get to the Secret Armlet weapon.

Ruby Weapons List