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Osmond Ultimate Weapon Guide - Dark Cloud

Osmond Supernova

Osmond is a ranged attacker and also the final character to join your party in Dark Cloud. You recruit Osmond by completing story events in the Moon Sea and Yellow Drops town, much like all of the previous allies it's required to recruit him to your party to advance the story and complete the Moon Sea dungeon.

This character uses guns as his primary weapon, some of them are machine guns which deal mostly physical damage whereas others shoot beams or 'streams' (like a flame thrower) that deal elemental damage. Osmond plays a bit different than both Xiao and Ruby - when attacking with him you'll want to hold down the attack button as if you were shooting a machine gun or a flame thrower.

None of the weapons available to Osmond (that I know of) allow you to shoot off single shots like Xiao's Slingshots or Ruby's Rings/Armlets. Also, I think the developers of this game got bored by the time they reached Osmond's weapons because none of them have any special skills available like other characters.

There are only 2 final tier weapons available to Osmond in this game, Star Breaker and Supernova. Between the two of these weapons the Supernova is by far the superior weapon. Supernova has over double the maximum Attack and MP as Star Breaker. As far as evolving weapons on Osmond, the only 2 weapons you'll want to avoid are the Swallow and G Crusher.

Supernova Max StatsSupernova AttributesSupernova Anti Monster Stats

Swallow evolves into G Crusher which then evolves into the Star Breaker weapon; this is the wrong path to go down. The ideal weapon to start with is Jackal or Blessing Gun with Osmond both of which are pretty easy to obtain. You can get Jackal from Ledan's Shop in Yellow Drops and the Blessing Gun is obtained via the FP Exchange as a Fishing Reward.

If you start with Jackal you'll want to evolve that into the Blessing Gun - from there it's a straight shot to the Supernova weapon. For more information about Osmond's weapons and what they evolve into check out my screenshot below.


Osmond Weapons List