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Goro's Ultimate Weapon Guide - Dark Cloud

Goro Inferno

Goro is the 2nd character that you will unlock in Dark Cloud, he's obtained by completing story events in the Matataki Village and Wise Owl Forest. This character uses Hammers and Axes as his main weapons and while he has the highest damage dealing weapons in the game they're also the slowest and (in my opinion) worst attack animation.

The only attack animation Goro has is a single jump smash attack then you have to wait for the meter to recharge. What this results in is a "tag" sort of play style where you run in and hit the monster once then run away and wait for your Speed meter to recharge. Unless you're defeating an enemy in a single hit this is a very annoying attack style to me and is not something I recommend, for this reason I almost never use Goro.

As far as the best weapon available to Goro, the Inferno weapon is the weapon he has with the highest Attack stat. Inferno is pretty easy to get too, simply find a Battle Axe then evolve that into an Inferno. Really every single weapon he has that isn't a Battle Axe will evolve into the Tall Hammer instead.

You can get a Frozen Tuna weapon from completing Gob's House 100% and witnessing the event in Matataki Forest. This weapon can be evolved into the Turtle Shell which you can then evolve into the Battle Axe. Usually this is the most reliable way to get the Inferno weapon.

Inferno Max StatsInferno AttributesInferno Anti Monster Stats

Goro Weapons With Special Skills:

Big Bucks Hammer: Big Bucks (increases Gilda when defeating enemies)
Trial Hammer: Poor & Abs Up (Poor decreases Gilda when defeating enemies; Abs Up increases Abs earned by 20%)

Goro has 2 hammers with unique skills on them, his Big Bucks Hammer comes with the Big Bucks skill which increases Gilda when defeating enemies. This may sound good but really isn't anything amazing. Most enemies only drop 5 - 10 Gilda when you defeat them and doubling that is negligible.

Poor does the opposite of Big Bucks and much like Big Bucks it's really no big deal. The most unique skill he gets access to is Abs Up which is on the same weapon that Poor is on. Abs Up is actually a really good skill and is worth getting a Trial Hammer to SynthSphere into a different character's weapon. When you use Abs Up you'll get 20% more Abs per enemy that you defeat which is really useful when you have to level up a certain weapon a lot on one of your characters.

The biggest downside of getting a Trial Hammer is that you have to level up Goro to get it and I hate playing as Goro. With all that said, let's take a look at Goro's evolution chart below, it's all pretty straight forward and easy to figure out.

Goro Weapons List