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Zelda Ocarina of Time Songs

           This page displays every song for Zelda Ocarina of Time. For those who have trouble remembering every note to every song like I do - this page should help a lot!

Zelda's Lullaby

Suns Song

Saria's Song

Epona's Song

Song of Storms

Song of Time


Adult Warp Songs

These are the songs you get as an adult that let you warp to the different dungeons.

Minuet of Forest

Prelude of Light

Bolero of Fire

Serenade of Water

Nocturne of Shadow

Requiem of Spirit


Scarecrow Song

This is the song I used for the Scarecrow Song. Everyone can make a different song at the Scarecrow and change it any time they like. If you'd like to make it easy to memorize just copy my song and use this page!

Scarecrow Song








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