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Harvest Moon 64 Power Berry Locations

           As with all Harvest Moons there is an ingame item called a Power Berry that boosts your Stamina and lets you do more before becoming exhausted. This guide will tell you the location of each one and a little bit of information of how to acquire it.

1. Keep tilling your farm until you find this Power Berry

2. Give the Shady Salesman 1000 G at the Flower Festival

3. During the Winter seasons smash the boulder on the frozen pond near the Fisherman's tent with your Golden Hammer.

4. You can find one in the Winter mine/while mining during winter.

5. When you're at full strength throw a vegetable into the Goddess Pond and wish for strength.

6. If you win the Egg Festival you will be awarded a Power Berry.

7. If you fish off of the dock during winter eventually you'll end up catching a Power Berry.

8. Become friends with Basil and he'll give you a Power Berry. Always someone gotta be that friend, huh?

9. Throw a large fish into the pond by the Fisherman's tent between 9am and 5pm and Kappa will give you a Power Berry.

10. First, acquire a Marble by planting a combination of Moondrop and Pink Cat Mint Flowers in a total of eight 3 by 3 flower beds. A couple will come by to look at them and give you a Marble. You'll then give this Marble to the Harvest Sprites in exchange for a Power Berry.






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