Area 3 - Portrait Ghosts

Portrait Ghost Biff Atlas

Portrait Ghost - Biff Atlas; this is one of five optional Portrait Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion so it is totally up to you if you'd like to tackle this guy. If you would, keep reading!

What you have to do for this guy is use the Punching bags in the room to hit him 3 separate times. After you hit him once he will get mad and start swinging at you which point you'll want to dodge by running around and using the punching bags as he paths through them to hit him. After 3 hits he falls down and becomes vulnerable to being sucked up with the vacuum.

Miss Petunia

Portrait Ghost - Miss Petunia; for this Portrait Ghost what you'll want to do is pull back the curtain and expose her. She'll spit some scalding hot water at you which you'll want to dodge and then you'll want to counter with you freeze vacuum spray. This will hurt her and make her vulnerable for you to suck up with your vacuum. You can casually use the freeze spray at really any time once the curtain is pulled back, aside from that first attack she didn't attack me with anything else. Fairly easy boss if you ask me.

Portrait Ghost Nana

Portrait Ghost - Nana; For this boss what you have to do is knock her yarn balls out of the bowl and off of the table onto the floor. Then you'll want to suck up the yarn balls and shoot them at Nana to expose her heart. Three hits and her heart becomes exposed. From here you'll just want to suck her up.

Portrait Ghost The Twin Brothers

Portrait Ghost - The Twin Brothers; In order to summon this portrait ghost what you're going to want to do is spin around the helicopter on the ceiling a few times. These two will then pop up and ask you if you'd like to play hide and seek with them. Say yes and leave/re enter the room. You then have to pick which box both of them are hiding in.

Choose correctly and they'll accuse you of cheating and battle you. Both of them ride around the room on toys, one a plane and the other a cart. Your job is to suck at their toy using the vacuum until they become dismounted. This will leave them vulnerable to the vacuum. Use the vacuum on them and you'll suck them right up and win!

Portrait Ghost Slim Bankshot

Portrait Ghost - Slim Bankshot; for this Portrait Ghost what you're required to do is suck up the balls he hits around the room, one of them is seen in the screenshot of him, and shoot them back at him. After 3 successful attacks he will become vulnerable and you'll be able to suck him up using the vacuum! Hit him again to make him vulnerable each time you need to.

This is another optional Portrait Ghost. Successfully capturing him just rewards money which will net you a better score upon beating the game.

Portrait Ghost Madame Clarivoya

Portrait Ghost - Madame Clarivoya; for this Portrait Ghost what you first need to do is collect 5 pieces of Mario's stuff. They are scattered around the entire mansion and you've definitely gotten a few by now. Here is a list of all 5 regardless:

Mario's Hat - Located in the Laundry Room

Letter - Located in the courtyard by the hut you find Toad in

Star - In the Observatory look through the telescope to make the room change into space. Walk out and suck up a shooting star using the vacuum and shoot it at the moon. The path to the star will unlock.

Mario's Glove - Located in the Projection Room - defeat all of the ghosts in this room to make the chest appear with Mario's Glove

Mario's Boot - After defeating the Twins in the Twin's Room a chest will appear with Mario's Boot

Once you have all 5 items you'll give them all to the fortune teller and she'll give you a fortune. After which you'll be able to suck her up and you'll get a key to the next room.

Portrait Ghost Boolossus

Portrait Ghost - Boolossus; This guy is pretty easy until you get down to the final few boos, he starts the fight by bouncing around the arena after Luigi. What you want to do is bounce him over to the unicorn statues and have him pop on them into a bunch of mini boos. From here you can ice them and suck them up. Each time you pop him and suck up more boos he gets smaller and smaller.

The final few boos are a total pain in the ass especially the last one. I personally got frustrated quite a bit trying to get the last little bastard. It was tedious! After you kill Boolossus and watch the cutscene don't forget to go water the plant a final time.

Area 4 Portrait Ghosts - Final Area

Portrait Ghost Uncle Grimmly

Portrait Ghost - Uncle Grimmly - Shortly after starting Area 4 when you return to the balcony lightning will strike the house and cause a black out. During this time, to get the lights back on, you'll need to take out Uncle Grimmly who is located in the Wardrobe Room. This is one of the first rooms you do in Luigi's Mansion.

This guy is super easy he makes himself vulnerable for you by trying to spook you.

Portrait Ghost The Clockwork Soldiers

Portrait Ghost - The Clockwork Soldiers; for this Portrait Ghost what you're going to want to do is hit all 3 clocks in the Clockwork Room in order to activate the three clockwork soldiers. Once they're activated they will start attacking Luigi, in order to suck them up what you'll need to do is pull the keys off of their backs and then they'll be vulnerable to the Poltergust 3000 which you'll then use to suck up each of them one by one.

Portrait Ghost Sue Pea

Portrait Ghost - Sue Pea; for this portrait ghost what you'll want to do is spray her bed with water using your vacuum until the bed is wet (she will complain once it is wet enough). This will start the battle. She will throw toys from around the room at you and all you'll have to do is suck her up with the vacuum.

This is one of the five optional Portrait Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion.

Portrait Ghost Jarvis

Portrait Ghost - Jarvis; for this ghost what you're going to want to do is entertain him with a whack a mole game. You'll want to suck up an ice ghost and try to hit Jarvis seven times. Upon the last successful hit you'll be able to fight Jarvis and suck him up.

A lot of the missed boos that escaped the room while you were sucking them up can be found in Jarvis' room. Much like how for the previous area a lot came out in the Projection Room once cleared.

Portrait Ghost Sir Weston

Portrait Ghost - Sir Weston; for this ghost what you have to do is use the fire vacuum to light the logs next to his block of ice. This will enrage him and have him start attacking you. Once he starts doing this you'll want to continue using fire on his ice block until it shatters and he becomes vulnerable. From this point you can suck him right up.

Portrait Ghost Vincent Van Gore

Portrait Ghost - Vincent Van Gore; for this Portrait Ghost the first thing you're going to want to do is defeat all seven of the waves of ghosts he throws at you. Each portrait that he activates is a different type of ghost and they get harder as you go but you've done all these ghosts before so none should be too difficult.

Final Boss - King Boo/Bowser


For Bowser what you need to do is wait until he throws some spiky balls at you which you'll want to suck up and shoot back at him. The moment you'll want to wait for to shoot the spiky ball at him is right before he attacks when his head is closest to the ground. If you do it right Bowser's head will pop off and King Boo will come out and fly around a bit. During this part your mission is to suck up King Boo and deal as much damage as possible to him. Bowser's head will shoot ice at you, if you're hit you'll be frozen and King Boo will return into Bowser.

You'll rinse and repeat this until you've done all 500 points of damage to King Boo. Once you have you'll suck him right up just like any other ghost! Congrats you've just beaten the final boss!