Lost Kingdoms Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the main story line of Lost Kingdoms. I am not going to go into massive detail for each level and tell you where to find all of the red fairies or all of the hidden treasures. This guide will tell you how to beat the level and usually in each level there is a "side-puzzle" which I will also cover in this guide.

First Level: Alanjeh Castle

This level is extremely easy and it honestly doesn't even need much of a guide. It's the first level and it is mostly story driven, you'll get to name the character and such as well as discover what gives her the power to use these cards throughout the game, the Runestone. After you acquire the Runestone your first two enemies will spawn and you'll be shown how combat works in this game.

As far as I know as long as you don't get hit you'll get a 5 star rating.

Second Level: Plains of Rowahl

This is pretty much another tutorial type level. Use your cards sparingly throughout this level as you learn to play. You'll want to follow Gurd and listen to her instructions for each battle while getting accustomed to the game. You'll want to pay attention to the terrain in this game, in particular the third battle you face in this map has a wagon in it that you can destroy during battle to collect the Mummy card. Some areas will have battles that start right next to objects pretty much saying "destroy me to see what's inside!" Keep this in mind for the future.

The level ends with a boss fight against a Sand Golem. If you run out of cards during the boss fight stand by the crates, the golem will hurt himself as he surfaces and destroys them.

Location: Apothecary

This is the "shop" area of the game. At this location Gurd can buy/sell cards, transform cards and copy them. It's very useful as you progress through the game to constantly check back here and see what cards you can Transform the ones you have into. Also, once you find a really good card it's smart to come here and copy it a few times so you can use it more than just once!

Third Level: Blessoon

Shortly after starting this level you'll come across a chest that is surrounded in breakable pots. This is one of those destructible terrain/hidden treasures I was talking about before. Most of the other treasures in this first area are out in the open. Your primary goal in this area is to light all 4 of the different colored torches. Doing this will open the gate to proceed.

If you get into too many fights/need healing or want to add the new cards you found to your Deck there is a Deck Point right next to the fountain. After you activate all 4 of the capstans you'll be able to pass through the gate where you'll meet Alexander, the fairy collector. Right after meeting Alexander head north and get into a fight to break down the urns that are blocking your route. This is a detour from the primary objective but will get you some extra treasures and a fairy.

After you've gotten the fairy and treasures return to where Alexander is and cross the bridge to engage the boss.

Fourth Level: Burial Grounds

Right when you start this level interact with a tombstone to your right for a fairy. After that continue down the path until it turns right which is where you'll find a well and a treasure chest. Grab the chest and inspect the well for another red fairy. Continue following the path until you reach a gate that is blocked by rubble. Go through the gate next to it and continue down the path until you reach four colored tombstones.

At these four colored tombstones you'll want to interact with them in the following order or you'll trigger a battle. Yellow, Green, White, Red. After you activate them in the proper order the gate will open and a boss fight will await. The Necromancer you're about to fight is fairly easy, if you haven't wasted your cards you should be able to roll him.

Fifth Level: Shayel Passage

When you enter the level you'll want to grab the red fairy you see before following the passage straight down and left at the fork. There is a large white tank here that you'll want to hit "A" by when a "!" pops up over your head. It'll trigger a battle and you'll want to do this for each of the tanks you come across. After the battle and a little further down you'll notice a white switch that opens up two doors, neither of which we need right now but both of which are important for later. Head up the stairs and continue following the linear path. You'll encounter a few turns, as long as you don't jump down the waterfall you'll be on the right path.

Eventually you'll run into a bridge and a Deck Point, right after the bridge you'll encounter one of the test tubes that you can smash to trigger a battle, do this to destroy the box and grab the treasure chest that is inside of it. Keep following the upper waterways here until you eventually reach a dead end room that's in the shape of a square. If you destroyed all of the tanks you'll be pitted against the boss here. He's quite easy.

After the battle fall down the waterfall and hit that switch we didn't hit earlier on. Head in the opposite direction we did the first time and grab the treasures behind gate 1 before heading through the next gate and towards the door that'll clear the level.

Sixth Level: Castle Grayl

You'll start in a room that is decorated with unworn armor pieces. Inspect one of these to find a hidden switch to move the statue blocking your exit. Keep this in mind too as there will be more hidden switches hidden by statues throughout this level. Follow the linear path until you reach a dead end where you'll want to inspect the armors in the room to find another switch. Hit it and continue until you come across a room that is a bit trickier than the others.

You can move 3 different statues and the order you move them in is important. Keep an eye on what switch moves which statue and hit them accordingly. It is the third and fourth knights on the left and the one closes to the door on the right you need to hit if you're having troubles. After you move the statues you'll only have a few more rooms before the boss of this level who can be a bit of a bitch if you're not prepared.

There are a few good strategies for the bosses in this game that also use Runestones, the first one is try and corner them with monster summons/overwhelm them. The second is only focus on them and try to ignore their minions unless you need Magic Crystals. They can summon a nigh endless amount of them.

Seventh Level: Bridge of Sarven

This level is one of the more linear ones you'll come across. Honestly, follow the path until you reach the "bridges". The switch to the right as you go down you'll want to turn to the right. The opposite switch you'll want to turn to the left. There is a treasure chest to grab and a switch to hit which will lower the stairs you need to advance.

There is only one more side thing to do in this level and that's after you pass the bridge puzzle there will be a shoot off with stairs going down. If you follow them down and around to the opposite side you'll be able to get some treasure.

Aside from that though keep following the bridge to clear the level. That's all there is to it!

Eighth Level: Kenadrie Castle

It's just a cutscene/story

Ninth Level: The Yprek Mines

You'll want to start this level by following the train tracks until you reach a cart. Inspect it for a red fairy and then head to the left to get another red fairy. From here slide down the cliff and speak to the soldier to begin an escort of sorts. Follow him through 4 different fights and he'll stop at a Deck Point and some chests. Grab the chests in this room as well as in the adjacent rooms before sliding down the cliff to fight the boss.

After defeating the Necromancer inspect the chest for the Runestone and to clear the level. In order to get the 10th level, Bernden Fields, you must return to the Apothecary and speak to Gurd.

Tenth Level: Bernden Field

This level is extremely linear and it takes place on a battlefield. Generally one fight per "field" area as well as some treasures and an occasional red fairy. Aside from the boss at the end, the important thing to note here is in the third field area there will be a pile of skeleton bones in the shape of a dragon. Upon closer inspection the Dragon will come to life and a Necromancer will appear to fight you as well. Defeat both of these guys and where you first inspected the dragon bones you'll find a card to summon a Zombie Dragon, which is an extremely useful and powerful card.

The boss for this level can be a bit of a pain in the ass. The main thing you'll want to keep in mind is to try and keep your distance from the boss. Once the fight starts, first thing you'll want to do is take out his archer trees. After that dodge as many of his attacks as you can while laying down some damage.

Eleventh Level: Castle of Whyt

When you first start this level you'll want to go to the rooms on the far end of the hall you're in. Each room has a dying soldier blocking it that when you talk to him will give you a card. There is also a dying soldier in the hall that will give you a card. The rooms will each have a lever you'll want to hit that will allow you access to some more treasures. When you're ready head up to the second floor of the castle via elevator.

Same deal on this floor, there are two rooms on either end of the hall that you will want to go to to advance to the next part of the level. One room is locked and you can't get in right away and the other room has a chest and a dying soldier. The dying soldier has the key which unlocks the door and gets you access to a lever which you'll want to hit to lower the elevator in the main room.

When you head up the elevator you're in for a pretty tough fight. After the fight hit the switch on the statue to the left. BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO THE DYING SOLDIER....

When you come to the huge room with a throne in it and a soldier who is dying, do NOT speak to the soldier right away. You'll notice on the minimap there is an area behind the soldier, speaking to him will clear the level and you'll be unable to get the bonus treasure. In order to reach this bonus area you'll want to head to the room that's located to the left of the dying soldier (if you're facing him). When you enter this room a battle will instantly trigger which you'll want to use to destroy the gate blocking the fire place. This will allow you to get to the other room where you'll be able to claim your loot.

Twelfth Level: Grenfoel Church

At the start of this level you'll want to collect the candles on either side of the main room. There are four in total. You'll get into a few fights in the central area of the church, when you do keep in mind that if you destroy the pews there are some cards hidden under them. On the far northeastern side of the first area you'll find a treasure chest surrounded by bars. If you get into a fight near here you can destroy the bars and grab the chest which has Sheet Music in it. On the other side of the church you'll be able to use the Sheet Music to open the door which leads to some treasures.

After you've collected the four candles place them on their candlesticks to open the doorway into the basement. In the basement will be a chest, opening it will trigger a boss fight so be prepared. Inside the chest is another Runestone for you.

Thirteenth Level: Coliseum

This level is story + a boss fight, against Helena if you couldn't have guessed. She can be pretty hard this time and unless you have a decent deck she'll beat you up pretty good. Use the same strategy against her as before, primarily focus on dealing damage to her and ignoring her summoned minions and try to box her in with your own summoned minions if at all possible.

Fourteenth Level: Mt. Jardunn

For this level what I did was head left at the start and circle all the way around until you reach the second deck point. You'll get a bunch of treasures along the way and fight a few battles but nothing too tough. At the second deck point don't go north because that is where the level ends. Circle back around towards where you started and head up the middle this time. This level is like a giant circle with a cross through it. Grab pretty much all the treasures that you see before heading up to the northern most part where you'll fight a fire dragon and after beating him clear the level.

Fifteenth Level: Ruh-Arok Temple

At the start of this level the only way you can go is all the way to the right. At the end of the hallway you'll find a pedestal with a floaty ball like thing. Hit it to open a door. Backtrack until you reach the door that just opened and go all the way straight again until you go up a short set of stairs and reach a treasure chest. Open it for the white gem which you'll need later.

After you grab that gem go straight (again) and you'll run into another pedestal with a floaty gem on it. Hit it to open another door, backtrack to to the only direction you haven't gone yet and head that way. When you hit a dead end, grab the chest for the black gem. Then you can go through the door and you're back at the entrance. That's right it's one giant circle, you pretty much can't get lost.

Use both gems at the door you started in front of to open yourself up to a new area. At the four way intersection when you go up you'll find four sets of doors. These are for the bonus levels later in the game that let you unlock legendary cards. You can't even open these yet if you wanted to until after you beat the next level. Continue straight to trigger a boss fight. It's a battle against a Black Dragon which is pretty tough. After the fight you get to pick him as a card though if you choose right!

Sixteenth Level: Broch Black

This is the final level of the game so make sure your deck is customized to your liking and you are fully prepared.

When you start this level right is the only direction you can go. Follow the path down until the end and you'll reach a weird looking globe with wings. Hit A by it to be teleported to a platform. Each time you hit a globe here you'll be teleported in the direction the globe is facing/in.

So what you're going to want to do is go right, right, right and you'll end up at two treasure chests. One of them will have the item you need to open the monster door thing by where we started. On your way back grab the other treasure chests you saw in the area. The one island you want to get to but can't with 3 chests on it you can get to later.

Backtrack to where you started the level and use the item you got on the demon looking door. Follow the path down and you'll reach another one of those weird looking globe things. Take it to the first platform and then follow these directions depending on what you want.

From the four globes if you go straight across and then left you'll end up at two treasure chest and a deck point.

From the start.... Left, right, STRAIGHT, right - this will land you at the 3 treasure chest isle. Then you have to take the globe to the very first isle ever though and back track all the way here. It's a pain in the arse.

Left, Right, Right, And when you hit the island with 4 globes take the left one from where you arrived from. This will bring you to a platform with two globes, the one on the opposite end of where you are takes you to the end bosses.

At the end part when you reach land from the globe area you'll be at a 4 way intersection. Straight is blocked off so you have to go left and then right, defeat the mini bosses in these two areas to unlock the last area (which is straight). The last area will have a deck point before you face Thalnos. Beating Thalnos will cause you to then face the God of Destruction, the final boss.

These two bosses can be a total pain in the ass if you aren't prepared for them. Make sure you have a good deck and know what you're doing. You can grind in Broch Black as much as you want if you want to duplicate/transform cards. If you are having too much trouble and can't beat him no matter what you do I recommend you have at least 3 Black Dragon cards, 2 Mind Flayers and 4 Fairies for an easy victory.