Special Items - Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Presented below is a comprehensive list of the Special Items featured in Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Each item includes its respective stats and a description of its usage.



3-Way Shot and 5-Way Shot: This pickup is very useful against bosses. It spreads your shot so you can shoot more than one foe at a time. If you have a 3 way, it will shoot out a spread shot of 3 weapons, if you have a 5 way, than there's a spread shot of 5 weapons.

Fire, Lightning, and Acid Breath: This item allows you to spit out fire, lightning, or acidic breath toward your enemy. This can take out pretty much anyone in front of you. Use this if there's a line of enemies in front of you.

Thunder Hammer: This item is a great way to clear out a room. With one fatal blow, this baby can rock the ground sending a shockwave that instantly destroys any enemies near it. It's very useful if you're solo.

Invulnerability: It does exactly what it says. For a limited amount of time you're invulnerable to enemy attacks. This is very useful against pretty much any enemy you come across. There are two colors of this, gray and gold. Gold will allow you to gain 1 hit point every time you get hit.

Invisibility: Once again this item allows you to become exactly what it says. Temporarily you become invisible to the enemy. This comes in handy to take out archers and other big enemies. However, I don't think it works on bosses.

Phoenix: The phoenix familiar helps you as you attack. It replaces your familiar. When you throw a weapon it assists you by firing a fireball at your target. Only temporary.

Turbo: This can help a lot. Once this item is used, your turbo is fully restored to flashing red. This will be very helpful in boss battles and gargoyle battles as well.

Gas Mask: You should use this a lot in the first few worlds. This will protect you from any green poison gas. This way you won't be drained of your health for a slight miscalculation of aiming.

Fire, Light, Acid, and Lightning Amulet: All of these amulets are great help for boss battles. Each one powers your weapon with whatever element you have. You shots will do way more damage than before too.

Lightning and Fire Shield: These items are very useful to take out a line of enemies. Each one crates a barrier in front of you. If anyone touches it they instantly disintegrate into oblivion.

Pojo: This is possibly the funniest item in the game. This instantly turns you into the legendary chicken, Pojo. Now you're special is fire breath and you "cluck" while firing. It's fun to use.

Levitation: This of course is the item that makes you levitate. It should keep you safe from those evil ankle biters and make traps unable to hit you.

Growth: With this you can grow almost as big as a boss. When you're bigger, you're strength increases a lot and you also get the privilege of laughing at how big you've gotten.

Time Stopper: Just like in the last game, this can stop time. Doing so stops all traps, enemies, and other things that run around. Quite useful if a big group is around.

Shrink Enemy: Who wouldn't enjoy making a giant gargoyle turn smaller than you. This item will turn the every enemy on the screen tiny for a small amount of time. This will weaken their defense.

X-Ray: One of the great items that can help you not waste keys. This can easily see through secret walls, treasure chests, and much more to find out what's inside and if it's worth wasting something for it.

Mikey Decoy: This is one of the fun items. Place a mikey decoy anywhere and instantly enemies are attracted to it. This way you can take enemies generators out first. It's quite useful.

Hand of Death: This is pretty cool to use. When an enemy hits you, it hurts them as well, however it is during the melee attacks only. Use this on a line of enemies.

Health Vampire: Pretty much, his is exactly like the Hand of Death, however, you gain health instead of them being hurt.

Super Shot: Possibly this can be one of the greatest items in the game. It's very good against bosses. Simply fire non-stop until nothing else stands. It can sweep through enemies quickly and take their generator out too.

Speed: These boots will increase your speed stat greatly for a limited amount of time. It also gives you somewhat of a rapid fire to use. This is yet again another great items for a boss.

Reflective Armor: This item is quite useful against archers. It reflects any shots fired at you right back toward whoever shot it. Archers and bombers can be easily avoided with this handy item.

Reflective Shot: This item is pretty good for solo play. All you do is fire once and it will reflect off the walls into other enemies.

Rapid Fire: This item can rapidly increase the speed of your fire. Hold down the fire button and you fire away without a care. This too can be quite useful on boss battles.

Anti Death: One of the greatest items you can get. Anti-Death will prevent Death from sucking your health and experience, and instead give you health and experience. Keep this handy.

The Magic Carpet: It's not really a "inventory" item, but it counts for something I guess. All you do is use it in the Tower for transportation, that's about it.



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