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           At the start of your adventure in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles you will be asked to create a character. One part of this character creation process is choosing which family trade you would like to have. Which trade you choose for your family greatly affects your game so keep this in mind and choose wisely! It's recommend that if you're playing with friends you have everyone pick a different family trade that way you can get the most benefit out of everyone. Even if you are just playing 1 character it's recommend you create multiple characters just to make use of the different family trades.

           If you create multiple characters you will be able to use their Family Trade Merchants in Tipa but you won't be able to send their family gifts or receive letters from them which effects their wares and usefulness. Each character has a Relationship Level with their father which increases when you reply nicely to the letters they send you or give a gift. Make sure you always pick a positive response and sometimes even send them Gil or items you find that are useful to your family trade. This will raise their relationship levels with you and thus offer better rewards.

Family Trade

Alchemist: Starting with the second year of the Caravan if you have a good relationship with your father and send home items he needs he will reward you with a different pattern each year. For the first 8 levels he sends you mostly generic stuff, it's stuff you'll commonly find throughout your adventures so I don't see much of a reason to list it here. After you reach the 8th relationship level though he starts to send you some goodies.

Level 6: Frost Craft
Level 7: Lightning Craft
Level 8: Master's Weapon
Level 9: Ring of Light
Level 10: Diamond Armor
Level 11: Ring of Invincibility
Level 12: Greatest Weapon

Blacksmith: The Blacksmith Family Trade is another really good one to have and it is one that all residents of Tipa can use and gain full benefit from. As long as the character raises the relationship level with their father of course! Depending on what your relationship level is he'll be able to craft some items that can't be crafted anywhere else! Here's a list of what he crafts based on his relationship level ingame:

Level 1: Master's Weapon, Mythril Shield, Mythril Gloves, Mythril Sallet, Mythril Belt
Level 2: Legendary Weapon, Diamond Armor, Diamond Gloves, Diamond Sallet, Diamond Belt
Level 3: Greatest Weapon

Farmer: Farmers are one of the worst family trades for a player to pick. All they will offer you is food and you'll get more/better quality food the higher the relationship level is with your father. One of the only real perks of this family trade is that if you send home Wheat Seeds they'll give you Bannock Bread.

Fisherman: Fisherman, much like farmers, are a pretty useless family trade in Crystal Chronicles. The better relationship you have with your family the more fish you'll receive from your father each year. That's sadly the only bonus to this profession.

Merchant: The Merchant is one of the most all around useful professions in Crystal Chronicles. He will sell to family for a discount, much cheaper than any other shopkeeper in the game and he will also buy family member's items for slightly higher price than other vendors you encounter. Ontop of that as your relationship level with you father increases he will offer you a unique inventory of items. All players will gain access to his inventory of items but not his discount and item markup. Only his family members get those benefits.

Base Inventory: Meat, Fish, Milk, Spring Water, Bronze, Alloy, Iron
Level 1: Mythril, Gold, Silver, Bronze Shard, Iron Shard
Level 2: Magma Rock, Chilly Gel, Thunderball
Level 3: Ultima, Dark Sphere

Miller: The Miller profession is most similar to Farmers and the family even likes the same things. As an example if you send home Wheat Seeds if you're a Miller or a Farmer your family will give you back Bannock Bread. As you may have already guessed, since this family trade is similar to farmers it's pretty useless.

Rancher: Ranchers are the same exact thing as Fisherman except that you'll receive Meat instead of Fish depending on how well the relationship level is with your father. Ranchers can also receive bottles of milk later in the game as gifts too.

Tailor: The Tailor is one of the more useful crafting family trades because it lets players craft accessories. It can be a pain in the rear finding an NPC to craft your accessories sometimes, it can be useful having a crafter for them right in your home town. All players will be able to use the Tailor but only the family members will receive a discount when crafting

Base Inventory: Clockwork, Flame Craft, Frost Craft, Lightning Craft,
Level 1: Blue Yarn, Eyewear Techniques, Fiend Kit, Fairie Kit, Goggle Techniques, New Clockwork, Tome of Wisdom, Tome of Speed
Level 2: Angel Kit, Designer Glasses, Designer Goggles, Daemon Kit, Gold Craft, Secrets of Wisdom, Secrets of Speed, White Yarn
Level 3: Ring of Invincibility

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