Super Mario Strikers Action Replay Codes (Japan)

This page is dedicated to all of the Action Replay Codes that I have for Super Mario Strikers (Japan) on the Nintendo Gamecube. If you're looking for the Super Mario Strikers (US) Action Replay Codes then I recommend that you follow the link provided to be taken to that page instead.

If you are using the Dolphin Gamecube Emulator and struggling to figure out how to get these codes to work, look no further! Check out my How to setup Action Replay Codes on Dolphin or my How to setup Gecko Codes on Dolphin guides. Both of these can provide you the guidance that you need to get your codes working.




All Cup Record Trophies

03536D4E 00000064
05536D50 012C0064
05536D54 012C03E8


All Locks Open

01535C87 00000001
03535C88 0000FFFF


End Match
Press D-pad Left

0A32F928 00000001
42374818 FFBC4416


Unlimited Item
On: D-pad Right
Off: D-pad Right + Z

4A32F928 00000002
04065F78 60000000
04065F7C 60000000
4A32F928 00000802
04065F78 90C30044
04065F7C 90A30048


Team 1 Wins 50-0
Press D-pad Up

4A32F928 00000008
40374818 00003F32
4037481C 00003F00


Team 2 Wins 0 - 50
Press D-pad Down

4A32F928 00000004
40374818 00003F00
4037481C 00003F32


Timer Stopped
On: D-pad Right
Off: D-pad Right + Z

0A32F928 00000002
04214CC8 60000000
0A32F928 00000012
04214CC8 EC3F08BA