Army Men: Sarge's War Cheats & Unlockables

The cheat codes on this page are for the Nintendo Gamecube version of Army Men: Sarge's War. These codes are different than the Action Replay ones on my website as these can be input while playing the game and don't need any 3rd party software or hardware.

In order to use these codes you'll need to pause the game during normal play and hold the Left Trigger. While doing this input the code you wish to use and then release the Left Trigger to activate it.


All Weapons Unlocked - Right, X, X, Y, X

Alter the Lighting - Up, Right, Up, Down, X

Buddy Decals - Down, Up, X, Y, X

Fish Eye View - Left, Up, Right, Down, X

Wacky Fade - Right, Up, Up, Down, X

Invisible Mode - Up, Left, Right, Up, X

Slow Motion - Left, Down, Up, Right, X


Remember! Hold the Left Trigger while entering the following code then release it to gain the desired effect.