Gun Griffon Action Replay Codes (USA)

This page contains the Action Replay Codes that I have available for Gun Griffon, a game for Sega Saturn. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easy by accessing a tab on the toolbar; those of you playing on a physical Sega Saturn will have to use an actual Action Replay device instead.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Gun Griffon Guides and Walkthroughs index and choose a different section.



Level Codes
- Kharkov
- Kiev
- Novosibirsk
- Ulan Bator
- Datong
- Lianyungang
- Weifang
- East Ural
- Training Beginner
- Training Expert


Level Select Enabled: 3600E57E 0001
Built In Cheat

Invulnerability: 3600E571 0001
Built In Cheat

Charge Enemies: 3600E577 0001
Built In Cheat

Double Energy: 3600E579 0001
Built In Cheat

Disable Centering on Turret: 3600E57B 0001
Built In Cheat

Change Height: 3600E572 0001
Built In Cheat

Unlimited Jumps: 3600E57A 0001
Built In Cheat

See Ending: 3600E57F 0001
Built In Cheat


Play On Kharkov Level: 160D570A 0000

Play On Kiev Level: 160D570A 0101

Play On Novosibirsk Level: 160D570A 0202

Play On Ulan Bator Level: 160D570A 0303

Play On Datong Level: 160D570A 0404

Play On Lianyungang Level: 160D570A 0505

Play On Weifang Level: 160D570A 0606

Play On East Ural Level: 160D570A 0707

Play On Training Beginner Level: 160D570A 0808

Play On Training Expert Level: 160D570A 0909