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Super Real Mahjong P7 Guides & Walkthroughs

Super Real Mahjong P7 is a mahjong simulation video game released in 1995 by SETA Corporation for the Sega Saturn. As part of the Super Real Mahjong series, it features traditional Japanese mahjong gameplay with enhanced graphics and audio for the Sega Saturn platform. Players can choose from various characters, each with their own unique personality and play style, as they compete in mahjong matches against computer-controlled opponents.

The game features multiple game modes, including story mode, tournament mode, and free play mode, providing a variety of gameplay options for mahjong enthusiasts. Super Real Mahjong P7 is known for its realistic mahjong gameplay, detailed character designs, and immersive audiovisual presentation, making it a popular choice among fans of the mahjong genre.



Super Real Mahjong P7 Action Replay Codes (Japan)