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Wipeout Pure Guides & Walkthroughs

Wipeout Pure is a futuristic racing video game developed by SCE Studio Liverpool and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming console. It was released in 2005 as a launch title for the PSP, making it one of the earliest games available for the system. In Wipeout Pure, players take control of futuristic anti-gravity racing ships, known as "AG-Systems," and compete in high-speed races on tracks set in a variety of visually stunning environments. The game features fast-paced gameplay, with players navigating their ships through twisting tracks, avoiding obstacles, and using a variety of weapons and power-ups to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Wipeout Pure offers a range of gameplay modes, including single-player races, time trials, and multiplayer races. The game features a deep customization system, allowing players to modify their ships with different skins, engines, and other components to improve their performance. The game also includes a robust online multiplayer mode, where players can compete against other players from around the world in head-to-head races.


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