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SEBEC Route Walkthrough - Persona 1

The SEBEC Route is one of the two routes available to you during the main story of Persona 1. Many consider this route to be the "canon" route because the game basically funnels you into taking this route which means it's the one that most people do and this route also was the only one available originally on the PS1 localization. SEBEC is also the longer and easier route available during this game so it's recommended for first time players.

In order to choose the SEBEC Route during your playthrough you'll want to go through the hole in the wall next to Ayase (pictured below). For more information about this choice check out my Walkthrough Introduction page. Aside from the SEBEC Route you also have the Snow Queen Quest available to you. Choose wisely since once you begin either of these routes you're permanently locked out of the other. The only way to see both routes is with two save files.

Branching Paths Dialogue

During the SEBEC Route there are also two different endings for this game - a Good Ending and Bad Ending. I won't spoil any details for you outside of telling you that the dialogue you choose inside of the Gingerbread House in the Lost Forest determines what ending you recieve. Check my SEBEC Walkthrough Chapter 2, the top of the page has information about this dungeon and what dialogue you need to choose.



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