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Ridge Racer Guides & Walkthroughs

Ridge Racer is a racing video game that was released in 1993 for the arcade platform, with subsequent releases on various home consoles. It was developed by Namco, a Japanese video game company known for its arcade games and popular racing series. In Ridge Racer, players participate in high-speed, arcade-style races on a series of fictional tracks set in a futuristic city. The game features a selection of fictional sports cars, known as "Ridge Racer" machines, which players can use to compete against other racers in fast-paced, drift-heavy races. The game emphasizes skillful cornering, precise racing techniques, and drift mechanics to maintain speed and gain an advantage over opponents.

Ridge Racer is known for its fast-paced gameplay, impressive graphics, and iconic drifting mechanics. The game introduced the concept of "drifting" to racing games, where players can slide their cars around corners to maintain speed and control. The graphics in Ridge Racer were groundbreaking at the time of its release, featuring detailed car models, colorful environments, and impressive 3D graphics for its era.


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