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Ladies of the Wood - Velen

Crookback Bog Map Locations

You'll receive this quest after completing Wandering in the Dark; Keira will give you The Ladies of the Wood book and this quest at the same time. The first part of this quest only requires you read the book that Keira gave you. Once you've done this you'll have the quest marker for Crookback Bog placed on your map and you'll want to travel there next for the quest.

Use your Witcher Senses at the map location shown on my map above (and yours) and follow the trail of treats along the path until you get a cutscene with a bunch of kids. Speak to them and an old lady named Gran will come out and interrupt you. Eventually you'll be tasked with luring Gran away from the kids so you can talk to the kids in private.

In order to get the kids to help you they ask you to either play Hide and Seek with them or give them some treats. Geralt always has treats on him (for some reason) so just pick that option since it's the easier of the two. If you accidentally picked the Hide and Seek option, use my screen shot below to see the location of all the kids.

Ladies of the wood hide and seek
Location of all kids for Hide and Seek.

Speaking with the kid will update your quest and point you in the direction you need to go. Head over to the new quest marker, use your Witcher Senses and follow the foot prints back to Johnny's Burrow. Johnny will ask you to follow him over to some Harpy nests on the cliff, you'll have to protect him the entire way here. Once here he'll ask you to grab a bottle from a Harpy nest on the cliff.

Giving Johnny the bottle will get him his voice back and you'll quickly find out he's one of the best characters so far in the game. You'll learn that during Johnny's morning shit (his favorite part of the day) he encountered Ciri and after a bit more dialogue he'll decide to lead you back to Gran and ask her to help you out. There will be another long scene after you follow Gran inside the building after which you'll be send to Downwarren to speak with the Ealdorman.

He'll update your quest and send you to the Ancient Oak which is south of your position now. The entrance of the dungeon is on the western side of the quest marker just to the left of the Place of Power. If you need any additional help finding it, there's a werewolf out front that marks the spot.

On the hill above that you'll find a Signpost which you can fast travel to, I recommend you grab that while here too. If you're having trouble finding the cave entrance that leads to the Ancient Oak, use my screen shot below.

Entrance to Ancient Oak

Inside of the Ancient Oak you'll be given a new story quest by the name of The Whispering Hillock <add link>. For this quest you'll need to decide the fate of the Ancient Tree and either help or destroy it. Your actions during this quest will greatly effect the outcome of this quest and Family Matters. Be sure to choose carefully.

After you complete The Whispering Hillock you'll want to return to the Ealdorman who is now in a new location and speak with him for a quest update. You'll be thrown into a cutscene back at the bog after speaking with the Ealdorman where you'll finally meet the corporeal forms of the Crones.

During your conversation with the Crones you'll begin the next quest of Ciri's Story: Fleeing the Bog. This quest is extremely easy, just run - don't fight - to the quest marker on your compass to complete it. Note: None of your dialogue choices with the Crones will change the story outside of this moment, so choose whichever you wish.


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