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The Calm Before the Storm - Skellige

The Calm Before the storm

This quest begins immediately upon completing the Nameless Story Quest. It's the final quest in a chain of three that begins with Missing Persons. For this quest you'll be controlling Ciri and it takes place before our arrival to Skellige.

Once you gain control of Ciri follow Astrid to the sauna to progress the story forward. You'll be given numerous dialogue options during this part - none of them change anything aside from what is said during this quest. After spending a little time in the sauna your quest will update with two more optional tasks, jump in the water outside and drink some whiskey.

It's highly recommended you do both of these as they give Ciri health regeneration during this quest; especially important if you are playing on a harder difficulty. Return to the sauna and change into your regular clothes then go over to the stables to meet Skjall for another scene.

The Calm Before the Storm Drink Whiskey

Note: If you're having trouble beating the Wild Hunt with Ciri don't forget about her Blink ability! Hold down the same button that lets you use Signs on Geralt to use this ability.

Your scene with Skjall will be interrupted when the Wild Hunt attack the town. At first the quest will tell you to try and fight them off but they will keep spawning until you flee the village. In order to flee all you need to do is approach the stables and it'll begin a cutscene of Ciri leaving the village on horseback.

Follow Skjall on horseback to the next quest location and there will be some more scenes followed by the quest completing. The quests, The Ugly Baby (Story Quest) and The Last Wish (Secondary Quest) will be added to your quest log at this time. You'll have the option of traveling with Triss to The Last Wish immediately if you choose to do so.



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