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Open Sesame: Breaking and Entering - Hearts of Stone

Breaking and Entering Quest Start

This quest begins during the Open Sesame Hearts of Stone Story Quest and you must complete this quest in order to complete the Open Sesame quest. For this quest you'll start off with two options, much like with the Open Sesame! Safe Cracker Quest. However, there is technically only one real choice you can make for this quest since Hugo Hoff is a dead end... literally.

Let's start with the Hugo Hoff part of the quest which begins in Oxenfurt, travel over to his house which is marked on your map. When you arrive Geralt will knock on the door and window but no one will answer. During the scene you'll spot some blood on the post by the front door, examine it then examine the foot prints nearby. Follow them to the water's edge where you will fight three bandits (pictured below).

On one of their corpses you'll find a note which will update your quest and have you search the river for Hugo's body (also pictured below).

Breaking and Entering ThugsHugo Hoff Underwater

Eveline for Breaking and Entering

If you decide to skip the Hugo part of the quest - or once you've completed it you'll need to head on over to Eveline who can be found a little bit north of Carsten, a small town near the Vegelbud Residence. Speak with Eveline and either offer to perform in her circus or refund the ticket money for her and she'll join you. It's much easier to refund the ticket money and doing so will get you an EXP reward as well.








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