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Thou Shalt Not Pass - Velen

Area: Velen
Location: The Border Post
Quest Giver: Guard on the Bridge
Other Requirements: N/A

For this quest literally all you need to do is gain access to Border Post, the town that the Redanian Guard is protecting. There are a few ways to do this, you can get a Fake Pass from an NPC a little bit south of where you accepted this quest or wait until you can get an official pass later on. Completing the Contract: Woodland Beast quest will get you an official pass as will the Family Matters quest from the Baron.

The Fake Papers are the easiest for you to get, head a little bit south and speak with the shady merchant at the refugee camp for the Fake Papers. You can either pay him 100 Crowns or help his brother with a little work for the Fake Pass, either of the two things works.

Offering to help his brother will lead to the Bitter Harvest Side Quest. If you choose to help his brother, you'll have to complete that side quest before this merchant will give you the Fake Papers. If his brother dies during that side quest then this merchant will refuse to work with you altogether and you'll need to find another way into Oxenfurt.

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