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Return to Crookback Bog - Velen

Bloody Baron in Downwarren

Area: Velen
Location: Crow's Perch
Quest Giver: Automatically accepted upon completing Family Matters
Other Requirements: This quest must be completed before going to the Isle of Mists

You'll receive this quest immediately after completing the Family Matters story quest which involves many of the characters in this quest. To begin this quest you'll want to travel over to the map marker just outside of Downwarren. Depending on your actions during The Whispering Hillock quest determines the state of this town.

For the first part of this quest (after speaking the the Baron) you'll have to protect him as he travels into Crookback Bog with his men. It doesn't matter if his men die in the upcoming battles but you'll want to protect Phillip as well as stay near him - otherwise this quest will fail.

Return to crookback bog fiend fight

Back in the town area you'll have to fight off waves of Drowners and Water Hags until finally a Fiend comes out and attacks you. Defeating this beast will update your quest and give you another scene depending on what happened in an earlier quest. If you decided to save the Spirit earlier Anna will be a Water Hag and there will be a little bit of quest left for you to complete. For those of you who killed the Spirit, Anna will have gone crazy and your quest will complete here after a little bit of dialogue.

The rest of this page will assume that Anna is a Water Hag for you, the rest of the quest will involve lifting the curse from her. Venture over to Johnny's Burrow to find monsters outside, call for Johnny and he won't come. Use your Witcher Senses to find foot prints fleeing away from the burrow and follow them to find Johnny. His location within the quest circle is also shown on my map below (he's right near the R in Ruined Tower).

Johnny Map Location
The black circle by the 'R' in Ruined Tower is where you can find Johnny.

Johnny will fill you in on what happened to Anna and what happened to him. When you're done here return to the town with Anna for another quest update, you'll be sent down into the hidden cellar of one of the largest nearby building. Be sure to pillage this entire house while you're here, there are a lot of goodies inside!

In the cellar you will be asked to choose between four different dolls. The correct choice is the Violet Hollyhock Blossom as this was Anna's favorite flower. Any other choice will cause Anna to be engulfed in flames and die, giving you the worst ending possible to this quest.

Violet Hollyhock Blossom
Choose option 3; Violet Hollyhock Blossom.

Despite this being the correct choice, Anna will still die shortly after making the choice because the Crones tied her life to the curse that you just lifted. The Baron will tell you to return to Crow's Perch to receive your payment and when you return there you'll find a grim sight indeed. This ends the quest and Baron's storyline.







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