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Hazardous Goods - Velen

Hazardous Goods Quest Start

Area: Velen
Location: Road northwest of Lurtch
Quest Giver: Gert Borel
Other Requirements: Once you start the quest complete it before leaving the area

This quest begins by finding Gert Borel along the roadside northwest of Lurtch. When you stumble across him along the road he will be trapped under a cart and there will be several Ghouls around him that you'll need to defeat before you're able to speak with him.

During your dialogue with him you'll have the option of telling him to burn the bodies; it doesn't matter what you choose but if you do tell him to burn the bodies make sure you use Igni on them before leaving the area. If you don't use Igni on them and burn them yourself then you'll fail the quest by getting too far away.

Hazardous Goods Map Location

After completing this quest and waiting a few weeks ingame for time to go by you can find Gert Borel in a different location to the southeast of where we first met him. Directly south of the town of Toderas between two monster nests is where you'll find him. It turns out he caught the plague and is dying after all.

He asks Geralt to kill him, sparing him the misery and if you do kill him you'll earn EXP. You can also Igni his corpse as with the other plague victims, although this serves no purpose aside from making you feel better.








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