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For the Advancement of Learning - Velen

For the advancement of learning

Area: Velen
Location: End of A Favor for a Friend quest
Quest Giver: Keira Metz
Other Requirements: Complete A Favor for a Friend

You'll receive this quest automatically after completing the A Favor for a Friend quest given to you by Keira Metz. This is a rather short quest with serious repercussions to the story depending on what you choose to do. The best possible outcome for this quest is to send Keira to Kaer Morhen - that's the only way you spare her life.

When you arrive on the island you will intercept Keira as she is leaving the tower. Depending on the dialogue options you choose you'll have three different options. Here are the options and what you should choose to reach them:

Send Keira to Kaer Morhen: ask about the notes, "Radovid never forgets" - "its suicide" and then select Kaer Morhen

Let Keira go to Radovid: "you used me" and then "serpent" followed by you ending the conversation whenever you can

Kill Keira: "you used me" - "serpent" - "demand the notes" then she'll fight you and you'll kill her

Sending Keira to Kaer Morhen








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